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What Samples Can Be Used for a DNA Test?, Concord, Missouri
A DNA sample is any material from a person that contains information about their genetic makeup. These materials can be used to determine a person’s family history, relationships to other individuals, and even proximity to a crime more
What Is a Y-STR DNA Test?, Concord, Missouri
When questions arise about familial relationships like paternity, DNA testing can provide clarity and peace of mind. A Y-STR test is a specific type of test that validates male lineage, such as father-son relationships. Find out more
St. Louis, MO, IL Paternity Testing Businesses
AccuDNA, Paternity Testing, Saint Louis, Missouri
11141 S Towne Square, Suite B
Saint Louis, MO 63123
(314) 845-9997
Families turn to AccuDNA in the greater St. Louis, MO, metro area for paternity testing and legal DNA testing. If you’re looking to trace your ancestry or find living relatives, AccuDNA is also an affordable and accessible solution tha...
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What Is the Difference Between a Sibling Test & a Y-STR Test?, Concord, Missouri
DNA testing can be a valuable tool for those who are looking to determine their familial relationship to another person. There are several different testing types available, so it’s more
Who Can't Get a Prenatal DNA Test?, Concord, Missouri
Normally, DNA testing during pregnancy is a simple process. Your technician will collect a cheek swab from both mother and father, as well as a blood sample from the mother. The more
3 Types of Nonstandard DNA Samples, Concord, Missouri
Whether you’re looking to trace your ancestry, find relatives, or confirm a relationship, DNA testing is an effective way to find answers. Typically, DNA testing requires a more
FAQ About Avuncular Testing, Concord, Missouri
Avuncular testing compares the DNA of two parties to determine if there is a genetic aunt/uncle and niece/nephew relationship. It is a common alternative to traditional paternity more
A Guide to Paternity Testing While Pregnant , Concord, Missouri
Pregnancy can be as thrilling as it is challenging, but either way, it’s easier when you can feel confident about the father’s identity. Fortunately, you have the option of more
3 Irrefutable Reasons to Have Relationship DNA Testing, Concord, Missouri
Your relationships help define how you engage with the world around you. What if there was more to discover about your lineage than you expected? Many families turn to DNA testing more
Should You Get Paternity Testing Before or After Birth? , Concord, Missouri
Paternity testing helps simplify essential matters such as custody, child support, inheritance benefits, medical history, and family bonds. If you need to determine the paternity of more
What's an FTA® Card?, Concord, Missouri
Genetic or DNA testing is performed for disease screening, to determine ancestry, and for paternity confirmation. The process of collecting DNA samples often relies more
What's the Difference Between Stepsiblings & Half-Siblings?, Concord, Missouri
A nuclear family—composed of mom, dad, and their biological children—is not always the norm these days. Blended families are incredibly common, which can consist of full siblings, more
Why a Legal DNA Test Is Better Than an At-Home Kit, Concord, Missouri
When you have questions about family relationships, a DNA test can provide definitive answers. Although you can purchase a home DNA testing kit and conduct it in the privacy of more
Why Might Someone Need DNA Testing?, Concord, Missouri
In 1953, scientists discovered that DNA molecules form a double helix, and they haven't stopped studying genetic code since. Today, DNA testing can reveal more than ever more
What Are the Challenges of Paternity Testing With Identical Twins?, Concord, Missouri
Paternity testing provides the answer to the question, “Who is the father of my child?” While most paternal DNA testing is straightforward, it can prove difficult when the alleged more
3 Myths About Paternity Testing, Concord, Missouri
The thought of paternity testing makes many people nervous because of public misconceptions. In reality, they play a crucial role for families and in the courtroom, and you shouldn’ more
Your Guide to Understanding DNA Heredity, Concord, Missouri
Every person on the planet has a DNA makeup that is unique. Understanding the connection between this genetic network and your heredity can reveal exciting and useful revelations. more
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