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3 Most Common Headstone Materials & Their Benefits, Bolivar, Missouri
Choosing a headstone can take time and consideration. To preserve the memory of your loved one, it’s best to choose a material that offers the benefits of both aesthetic appeal and durability. The team at Wommack Monument Co in...read more
Consider 3 Factors Before Purchasing a Headstone, Bolivar, Missouri
After a loved one passes, it’s normal to feel stressed and overwhelmed. This period can be especially difficult if you’re in charge of making funeral arrangements and other decisions on behalf of the deceased. But with a little plan...read more
Polk, MO Headstones & Grave Markers Businesses
Wommack Monument Co , Stonework, Cremation Memorials, Headstones & Grave Markers, Bolivar, Missouri
2100 S Springfield Ave
Bolivar, MO 65613
(800) 743-8233
Wommack Monument Co is a Bolivar, MO, family business that has served the people of Polk County with monuments, tombstones, and urns for more than 60 years. Through their commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship, affordable prices, and u...
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Handling Grief While Selecting Gravestones, Bolivar, Missouri
When a loved one has passed away, it may feel as if every decision you’re faced with is a monumental challenge. While some choices must be made in a timely manner, one task you don’t...read more
Looking for a Cremation Urn? Here’s What You Should Consider, Bolivar, Missouri
With many different urn options and styles available, choosing the right one for yourself or your loved ones is never easy. You want it to match the memorial service and properly com...read more
Does the Color of Gravestones Matter?, Bolivar, Missouri
Gravestones are a touching and personal way to create a lasting memorial for a lost friend or loved one. They can say a lot about the person you’re commemorating, and the staff at Wo...read more
3 Tips for Planning a Headstone Unveiling Ceremony, Bolivar, Missouri
If you are Jewish, after a loved one has passed away, you and your family members may choose to hold an unveiling ceremony. During this ceremony, the finished headstones are shrouded...read more
Understanding the Meanings of Different Headstone Symbols, Bolivar, Missouri
Organizing the burial of a loved one is never easy. Not only are there a myriad of emotions to process, but there are logistics that need to be handled. Once you establish the funera...read more
How to Restore & Care for Bronze Headstones, Bolivar, Missouri
Preserving family members’ headstones is an ideal way to pay your respects and keep their memory alive even if they’ve been gone for many years. As a leading provider of grave marker...read more
Headstones FAQ: What Should I Know About Memorialization?, Bolivar, Missouri
Quality crafted headstones are a timeless and heartfelt way to memorialize a loved one. When residents in Bolivar, MO, want to honor their dearly departed, they turn to the professio...read more
A Guide to Talking to Your Kids About a Pet’s Death, Bolivar, Missouri
Any parent who has gifted their child with a pet knows the joy these animals bring. As such, when the time comes, talking to your child about their pet’s death can be incredibly diff...read more
3 Maintenance Tips to Protect Your Loved One’s Memorial Headstone, Bolivar, Missouri
Coping with the loss of a close friend or loved one is often a difficult process. That is why it’s so important to preserve their memory by properly maintaining their memorial headst...read more
Do You Have to Buy Headstones From the Cemetery?, Bolivar, Missouri
After the passing of a loved one, there are many important questions to consider, including how you will memorialize them. Headstones and other grave markers come in many styles, but...read more
How Do You Want to Be Remembered? Epitaph Tips for Headstones & Monuments, Bolivar, Missouri
Many people are naturally a bit uncomfortable with deciding what to have written on their headstones or monuments. But when you consider that you’ll be saving your loved ones th...read more
3 Things to Think About When Purchasing a Memorial Headstone , Bolivar, Missouri
Losing a loved one can be an extremely difficult and stressful time. From organizing the funeral to getting affairs in order, it can all become very overwhelming, very fast. But don’...read more
How Monuments Can Help You Remember Your Beloved Pet, Bolivar, Missouri
Monuments aren’t just for people anymore. The pets we love stay in our hearts long after they’ve crossed they’re passed on, so why not give them the memorials they deserve? Sout...read more
3 Ways to Personalize a Monument & Set Your Legacy in Stone, Bolivar, Missouri
While our stories will all eventually come to an end, it's up to us and those around us to decide how they will be told. Keeping our legacies alive is one of the primary purpose...read more
Enhance a Loved One’s Monument with These 3 Decorative Additions, Bolivar, Missouri
When commemorating a loved one with a monument or headstone, you may want to add more to the design as time goes by. For anyone hoping to enrich a loved one's mem...read more
Understanding Cemetery Regulations for Your Headstone , Bolivar, Missouri
When a loved one dies, they deserve a dignified memorial that will serve to commemorate their life long after it’s over. One of the most popular ways to memorialize a late ...read more
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