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What Should You Consider When Creating a Headstone?, Le Roy, New York
Creating a headstone for a loved one is one of the most important aspects of end-of-life planning. This feature will symbolize their life long after the memorial service has ended, which is why it’s important to put some careful consider...read more
A Useful Guide to Designing a Headstone, Le Roy, New York
Headstones are used to memorialize the life of a loved one. They can provide basic information about the deceased as well as personal touches like quotes. However, determining what the writing should say can be difficult. The follow...read more
Genesee, NY Headstones & Grave Markers Businesses
Gibney Monument Works, Cremation Memorials, Headstones & Grave Markers, Marble & Granite, Perry, New York
135 N Center Street
Perry, NY 14530
(585) 237-2750
When a loved one passes, you want to pay special tribute to their life, marking the effect they had on everyone who knew them. That’s where Gibney Monument Works steps in. Located in Perry, NY, this locally owned and operated monume...
Derrick Monument Co, Funeral Planning Services, Engravers, Headstones & Grave Markers, Le Roy, New York
37 Myrtle
Le Roy, NY 14482
After living a life filled with accomplishments, friendships, and service to others, your loved one deserves a beautiful and respectful grave marker that honors their achievements. Derrick Monument Co believes in providing heartfelt...
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3 Tips for Selecting a Headstone for Your Parent, Le Roy, New York
It’s always difficult to make the arrangements for a parent who has passed away, including choosing a headstone. There are a number of options for designing a parent’s grav...read more
Why Choose a Bronze Memorial for a Loved One, Perry, New York
Selecting a grave marker to commemorate a lost loved one can be challenging. You want a monument that is beautiful and affecting, yet that’s durable enough to withstand the outdoor e...read more
3 Tips for Maintaining a Headstone, Le Roy, New York
After the passing of a loved one, their headstone serves as a physical, tangible monument to their life. It is a place where family and friends can gather to reflect upon a love...read more
4 Ways to Decorate a Gravesite Monument, Perry, New York
When a loved one passes, you may choose to honor their memory with a funeral or memorial service. If you’re planning a traditional burial, decorating the gravesite and monument&...read more
Why Regular Headstone Cleanings Are Important, Le Roy, New York
Headstones are memorials where family and friends can gather to visit and remember the deceased. Keeping a headstone well maintained is just as important as selecting the perfect gra...read more
3 Ways to Enhance Your Loved One’s Cemetery Plot, Le Roy, New York
When your loved one passes away, their gravestone is a place that permanently honors their memory. Keeping their headstone clean is one way to respect their memory, but adding person...read more
4 Unique Ideas for a Gravestone Epitaph, Le Roy, New York
The inscription on a headstone is an important marker for who someone was. Many people want to use words that speak to their loved one’s life rather than only listing their name...read more
3 Ideas for Creating a Personalized Headstone, Perry, New York
When a loved one has passed away, a headstone or grave marker is a wonderful way to honor them. Instead of going with a standard option, create custom monuments with person...read more
3 Reasons to Preplan Your Headstone, Le Roy, New York
Nowadays, many people choose to plan their own end of life arrangements. While this endeavor can be an emotional and unfamiliar process, it also provides the opportunity to look back...read more
5 Types of Gravestone Symbols & Their Meanings , Perry, New York
Gravestones are designed to commemorate the life of the deceased. If you recently lost a loved one, you may be wondering how you can best capture their memory on their memorial monum...read more
3 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Headstone, Le Roy, New York
A headstone is an enduring monument to a loved one, and it conveys their legacy and personality to others. You may have a lot of questions about the headstone design proces...read more
3 Tips for Selecting a Gravestone, Le Roy, New York
Coping with the death of a loved one is overwhelming in so many ways. In addition to grappling with the reality of your loss, you may also be tasked with selecting a fitting gravesto...read more
4 FAQs About Choosing a Headstone, Le Roy, New York
Making the final arrangements after losing a loved one can be an overwhelming process. You’ll need to make a variety of important decisions like where to bury your lov...read more
What Is the Symbolism Behind Personalized Headstones?, Le Roy, New York
Many loved ones choose to embellish the headstones of their deceased family and friends with a symbol or design that represents their culture or something about the person who has di...read more
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