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3 Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing Child Care, Columbia, Illinois
Parents often wonder how they can find the best child care facility for their child’s needs. Some like the idea of a home day care program or while others want their kids to begin their educational journey in a preschool& more
How to Tell Whether Your Child Is Ready for Preschool, Columbia, Illinois
When it comes to determining whether your child is ready for preschool, age is only one of the deciding factors. According to child development experts, there are some behaviors that indicate their preparedness. Columbia Kinder more
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Columbia Kinder College, Preschools, Child Care, Child & Day Care, Columbia, Illinois
114 W Cherry St.
Columbia, IL 62236-2310
While selecting a child care service can be challenging, it’s a decision that deserves careful consideration; the service you choose has a long-lasting impact on your children, both during and after their formative years. A high-qua...
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Understanding Your Preschool-Age Child's Hand & Finger Skills, Columbia, Illinois
Preschool is an exciting stage for every child. Between the ages of 3 and 5, there are many signs of progress in their physical and mental development. Your child's rapidly more
3 Ways to Help Your Preschool Student Handle Nightmares, Columbia, Illinois
Has your toddler ever woken up crying or disoriented in the middle of a nap or a night’s sleep? Although nightmares are common for this age group, they are distressing for more
3 Questions You Should Ask When Choosing a Preschool, Columbia, Illinois
Selecting a preschool for your child is an exciting developmental milestone, but the process can be overwhelming. You want to be sure your child will have access to educational more
7 Foods to Keep Your Toddler Healthy & Focused, Columbia, Illinois
As a parent, you work hard to provide your children with opportunities to lead a healthy life. The food you give your toddler plays an important role in their early development, more
FAQ: Does My Child Need Preschool?, Columbia, Illinois
A child’s public school education doesn't officially begin until they enroll in kindergarten, but parents are becoming more familiar with the benefits of early exposure to an& more
Developmental Milestones of 4- to 5-Year-Old Toddlers , Columbia, Illinois
As a parent, you’ll be amazed by how much your toddler grows and develops during this stage. In addition to strengthening motor skills and cognitive abilities, they also more
How to Boost Your Preschool-Age Child's Hand & Finger Skills, Columbia, Illinois
Preschool-age children are constantly becoming more agile, mentally focused, and coordinated than they were even just a few weeks ago. One month they’re spilling food all over; more
5 Toddler-Friendly Tips for Grandparents, Columbia, Illinois
Now that your children have grown and had children of their own, it's time to experience the joys of grandparenthood. As your grandkids approach their first birthday, you may be more
Preschool Experts Offer 3 Tips to Help Parents Survive the Terrible Threes, Columbia, Illinois
If your toddler is trying your patience on a good day and acting like a wild child on a bad day, you’re not alone. Many parents have survived the so-called "terrible three" stage more
How Does Play Influence Infant Development?, Columbia, Illinois
The beneficial effects of play on a child’s brain have been well documented in research studies. Time and again, playful behavior has been shown to have a vital role in more
Why Foreign Language Exposure Is Crucial to Child Development, Columbia, Illinois
Early child development sets the stage for a young one’s entire life, from educational success to interpersonal interaction. Columbia Kinder College has been more
3 Fun Weekend Activities to Stimulate Early Childhood Learning, Columbia, Illinois
While an educational facility will stimulate your child’s brain all week long, weekends are the time to explore more relaxed areas of interest and recreation. Columbia Kinder more
Columbia’s Child Care Experts Stress the Importance of Early Social Development, Columbia, Illinois
No one knows better than the child care professionals from Columbia Kinder College in Columbia, IL, how important it is for children to develop key skills early on. Because of this, more
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