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7 Fun Facts About the Inimitable Cirque Du Soleil, Robertsville, New Jersey
Cirque Du Soleil performances are designed to excite, inspire, and dazzle audiences. They are nationally renowned as one of the largest touring circuses in the world, producing theatrical shows replete with everything from stunts to disp...read more
3 Ways Circus Training Empowers Teens, Robertsville, New Jersey
More than merely beneficial to building core strength and athleticism, circus training also empowers teens socially, emotionally, and academically. The activities involved require rigorous concentration, cooperation, patience, and teamwo...read more
Middletown, NJ Entertainment Career Training Businesses
New Jersey Circus Center, Kids Gyms, Entertainment Career Training, Circus Companies, Morganville, New Jersey
165 Amboy Road, Suite 701
Morganville, NJ 07751
The New Jersey Circus Center provides Morganville, NJ with the unique opportunity to learn all about the circus arts. Whether you’re looking for aerial classes or you’re just interested in fun fitness training, the New Jersey Circus Cent...
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NJ Circus Center Brings Their Circus Classes to the School Room, Robertsville, New Jersey
For most kids, a circus is an amazing and magical place. After visiting the circus, children are often awe-struck and inspired by the gravity-defying stunts and acrobatics they witne...read more
5 Reasons Why New Jersey Circus Center Is the Best Place to Host Kids' Parties, Robertsville, New Jersey
Planning a children’s birthday party is no easy task. You want to host an event that will be enjoyed and remembered fondly, and you want to do so without breaking the bank....read more
Help Build Your Child's Confidence With Circus Classes, Robertsville, New Jersey
Many children struggle with having enough confidence in themselves and their abilities. It can be challenging to build their self-esteem if your child is naturally shy or struggles s...read more
Register Today for Spring Break Circus Training Camps!, Robertsville, New Jersey
March 27, 2017 9:00AM - April 17, 2017 11:00PM
Would you like to see your child smiling under a circus spotlight, performing with friends and showing off their skills? Whether they are a dedicated acrobat or a bashful beginner, c...read more
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3 Benefits of Juggling, Robertsville, New Jersey
Juggling isn’t just for clowns or to amuse your little ones at a birthday party. In fact, the art of juggling can be an incredibly exciting and enjoyable activity for people of all a...read more
Why Circus Training Is the Best Workout You’ve Never Heard Of, Robertsville, New Jersey
While you might have given up your dream of donning a sequined leotard on the trapeze, circus training is quickly becoming The Greatest Workout On Earth. Spots like the New Jer...read more
Not Your Average Cardio Workout: The Health Benefits of Aerial Arts, Robertsville, New Jersey
If your regular cardio workout has left you dreading the treadmill, elliptical, or bike, it’s time to try something different. Aerial arts are rising in popularity for thei...read more
From Physical Strength to Soaring Confidence: 3 Reasons Why Your Child Will Love Circus Training, Robertsville, New Jersey
Kids love to go to the circus and marvel at the fantastic feats—and now they can learn the tricks themselves! At New Jersey Circus Center in Morganville, children and teenagers can g...read more
7 Reasons Juggling Is Great Training for Everyone, Robertsville, New Jersey
Juggling isn’t just for circus performers anymore. If you’re looking to develop a new skill, improve your coordination, and get a great total-body workout, the trained instructors at...read more
Take Your Fitness Training to Another Level With Trapeze Workouts, Robertsville, New Jersey
If you want to find a way to change up your fitness training, trapeze workouts may be just the thing. No longer just for circus performers, trapeze training is the latest exercise tr...read more
How Circus Workouts Will Improve Your Health Through Flexibility, Robertsville, New Jersey
Flexibility does more for your health than allow you touch your toes. By stretching your muscles and tendons regularly, especially through circus workouts, you’ll benefit your joints...read more
Static Trapeze Circus Classes: A Great Way to Gain Fitness & Have Fun, Robertsville, New Jersey
Are you looking for a fun way to get you or your child out of the house and moving? Static trapeze circus classes at the New Jersey Circus Center in Morganville, NJ, may be just...read more
4 Tips for Learning How to Juggle, From New Jersey Circus Center, Robertsville, New Jersey
Has your child expressed an interest in juggling? Then check out the unique opportunities offered to kids aged 3-17 at New Jersey Circus Center! Located in Morganville, NJ,...read more
Kids' Circus Training Events Coming Up at New Jersey Circus Center, Robertsville, New Jersey
Rather than letting your children’s summer vacation fly by, New Jersey Circus Center in Morganville, NJ, invites you to check out their upcoming classes in circus trai...read more
For a Total Body Workout, Try the New Jersey Circus Center!, Robertsville, New Jersey
If you’re looking for a fun total body workout, look no further than New Jersey Circus Center, Morganville, NJ’s go-to destination for circus training, tumbling classes, and fun...read more
Join The Circus & Walk on Stilts With Circus Classes at New Jersey Circus Center , Robertsville, New Jersey
Have you ever dreamt of joining the circus? Now is your chance! The New Jersey Circus Center offers Morganville, NJ, area residents a variety of circus classes. This is a great ...read more
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