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3 Differences Between a Massage Therapist & a Chiropractor, Honolulu, Hawaii
Massage therapy and chiropractic services both reduce stress and pain. As holistic medicines, they strive to improve the overall health of the patient by lessening the need for medications and promoting self-healing. If you’re more
Why Do Massage Therapists Use Oil?, Honolulu, Hawaii
A massage is designed to be a very soothing experience that requires little preparation. However, if it's your first time getting one, you might be nervous if you don't know what to expect. During your massage, a massage therapist more
Oahu, HI Massage Schools Businesses
Hawaii Massage Academy, Massage Therapists, Massage Therapy, Massage Schools, Honolulu, Hawaii
1750 Kalakaua Ave, Apt 2102
Honolulu, HI 96826
(808) 955-4555
Hawaii Massage Academy is a massage school and esthetician training program that has helped over 4,000 graduates achieve their goals since 1983. Whether you want to learn to be a masseuse or help others feel beautiful for a living, the e...
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4 Medical Benefits of Getting Routine Massages, Honolulu, Hawaii
Massage schools provide educational instruction for those who want a career in the industry. This training also includes coursework on the procedure’s medical benefits. Once more
What Are Some Common Myths About Massage?, Honolulu, Hawaii
If you’re interested in a career in massage therapy, you might wonder how to separate fact from fiction when it comes to the art of bodywork. With so many more
How to Make Clients Comfortable During Waxing Appointments, Honolulu, Hawaii
As an aesthetician, repeat customers can become the foundation of your business. Retention starts with keeping clients comfortable. Since waxing appointments, in more
5 Reasons to Start Chair Massage Training, Honolulu, Hawaii
For an aspiring massage therapist, mastering as many different techniques as possible will be of great value to your career. Chair massage training, which combines shiatsu, Swedish, more
4 Benefits of Lomilomi Massage, Honolulu, Hawaii
Lomilomi is a special type of massage therapy with roots in Hawaii. It’s based on the Hawaiian philosophy of huna, which focuses on balancing the connection between mind, body, and more
3 Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy, Honolulu, Hawaii
Sports massage therapy is a powerful resource for athletes who want to stay on top of their game. It’s beneficial for athletes of all skill levels, and its reported benefits more
The Mental & Physical Benefits of Massage Therapy, Honolulu, Hawaii
Everyone knows a massage feels fantastic, but it also has many health benefits. Just one session can have a positive impact on both the body and mind, and more
Should You Become an Aesthetician? 4 Ways to Tell, Honolulu, Hawaii
If you have a passion for skin care and enjoy helping others, you could be a prime candidate for an aesthetician career. From providing rejuvenating facials to more
5 Benefits Eyelash Extensions Offer, Honolulu, Hawaii
Eyelash extensions are an effective method for drawing attention to the eyes and enhancing your natural beauty. They are attached directly to the original eyelashes and provide more
5 Skin Types & How to Care for Them, Honolulu, Hawaii
Knowing your skin type is essential for proper care. While it’s common to deal with dryness in the winter and oily skin in the summer, figuring out your skin type can help you more
3 Tips for Applying Makeup Around Eyelash Extensions, Honolulu, Hawaii
Since more and more women are turning to eyelash extensions to enhance their natural volume and definition, learning how to apply makeup around them is necessary for more
4 Professional Eyelash Extension Styles , Honolulu, Hawaii
If you don’t have naturally long eyelashes, you have the option of getting extensions. Lash extensions are attached to your natural eyelashes with an adhesive, helping them more
5 Ticklish Areas & How Massage Therapists Handle Them, Honolulu, Hawaii
While most people describe massages as soothing, there are some areas of the body more sensitive to touch. Massage therapists are trained to know which parts are ticklish, so they more
3 Simple Ways Massage Therapists Can Keep Clients Comfortable, Honolulu, Hawaii
If you are beginning a rewarding career as a massage therapist, you might be wondering how to enhance your clients’ experience so they feel rejuvenated and become repeat customers. more
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