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4 Myths About Metal Roofs, San Marcos, Texas
Metal roofs are popular options for agricultural and commercial buildings, but they’re also gaining popularity for houses. However, rumors about this material stop some property owners from considering it when their roofs are in more
3 Ways to Extend Your Roof’s Life Span, San Marcos, Texas
In most homes, the roof is one of the most visible fixtures. It serves to keep out the elements and also contributes to the curb appeal and value of your property. By taking steps to stave off damage that requires roof repairs more
San Marcos, TX Roofing Contractors Businesses
AAA Roofing, Re-roofing, Roofing, Roofing Contractors, San Marcos, Texas
(512) 558-2225
When you need roof repair or installation, hire a contractor that has your best interests in mind. Located in Martindale, TX, AAA Roofing has provided honest and reliable service to residential and commercial customers in Hays and Caldwe...
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3 Signs of an Impending Roof Leak, San Marcos, Texas
A leak in your roof typically doesn’t happen overnight; it shows up after many unaddressed issues have compounded. While roof repair from a reliable contractor more
How Can Trees Harm a Roof?, San Marcos, Texas
Homeowners must maintain their landscaping to mitigate potential risks that could damage their property. Every year, roof repair specialists fix destruction caused by more
How UV Radiation Impacts Roofs, San Marcos, Texas
The sun’s light may seem gentle—but it contains dangerous UV rays that can harm everything from your skin to your residential roofing. Even materials specifically made to more
How Is Reroofing Different Than Roof Replacement?, San Marcos, Texas
Your roof is key to protecting the inside of your home. When it is damaged, rainwater can leak into your drywall, weakening it or causing mold to grow. Roof damage also negatively more
How Animals Harm Your Roof, San Marcos, Texas
If there always seems to be a racket on your roof in the middle of the night, or you notice an unpleasant odor lingering in your home, you probably have a wildlife more
3 Signs You Need Professional Roof Inspection, San Marcos, Texas
Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It’s also one of the most difficult areas to assess on your own, which makes it difficult to determine if roof more
3 Reasons You Should Never Do Your Own Roof Repairs, San Marcos, Texas
Though the idea of performing roof repairs yourself to save time and money may sound appealing, tackling it yourself often accomplishes neither. Unless you’re a skilled roofer, more
5 FAQs About Roofing , San Marcos, Texas
As part of your ongoing home maintenance education, you should take the time to learn more about roofing systems. The more you know about yours, the easier it is to schedule more
Your Guide to 4 Common Roof Materials, San Marcos, Texas
If you’re looking to update your home with a new roof, you may be at a crossroads deciding which material to choose. Each roofing option on the market offers its pros and cons, and more
4 Ways to Make a Roof More Energy Efficient, San Marcos, Texas
One of the most popular ways to conserve energy and cut back on utility bills today is to choose energy-efficient appliances. However, you may not realize that your roof also plays more
3 Reasons Why Metal Roofs Are Cost-Efficient, San Marcos, Texas
If your home’s roof is aging and will need a replacement soon, you’ll have to choose from materials like asphalt shingles, metal, and tile. While each option has advantages and more
Why You Should Always Address Roof Leaks Immediately, San Marcos, Texas
After a long time without any problems, it can be easy to start taking your roof for granted. Unfortunately, roofing issues can creep up on you when you’re least expecting them. more
How Old Is Your Roof? 3 Ways to Tell, San Marcos, Texas
A commercial or residential roofing system is a property’s first line of defense against the elements. Depending on the degree of care it has received, most materials have more
Roofing! Why go local?, San Marcos, Texas
Why choose a local roofing company? AAA ROOFING (512)558-2225 36 month labor warranty! Vs. the standard 24 months. Trustworthy. Accountable. more
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