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4 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make With Septic Systems, Corbin, Kentucky
Approximately 25 million households in America rely on septic tanks to treat their household wastewater, according to the EPA. Many of those homeowners experience problems with their septic systems over time, and the cause is more
Do You Need Septic Tank Pumping?, Corbin, Kentucky
If your property or commercial business runs on a septic tank, you’ll want to take precautionary measures to ensure your system runs smoothly through every season. Beyond annual septic tank maintenance with an experienced more
Corbin, KY Septic Tank Cleaning Businesses
Dugger's Septic Cleaning, Grease Traps, Septic Tank, Septic Tank Cleaning, Corbin, Kentucky
49 Spindle Top Ln
Corbin, KY 40701
(606) 528-3893
If your home is equipped with a septic tank, it’s important to make sure you’re contracting the best septic maintenance experts so your systems remain functional. For over 56 years, Dugger’s Septic Tank Cleaning in Corbin, KY, has given ...
Cox's Septic Service Inc. , Septic Tank Cleaning, Septic Tank, Septic Systems, Corbin, Kentucky
PO Box 1877
Corbin, KY 40702
(606) 528-4782
Serving homes and businesses in Corbin, KY, and the surrounding areas, Cox’s Septic Service is the community’s top solution for septic system care and waste disposal. Their team has years of experience in septic tank maintenance and...
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Does Your Restaurant Need a Grease Trap if You Don't Use Oil?, Corbin, Kentucky
If your restaurant doesn’t use a lot of cooking oil, you may be tempted to skip grease trap cleaning. However, this plumbing maintenance task is critical for every more
The Anatomy of Your Septic System, Corbin, Kentucky
For homeowners and businesses not connected to municipal sewer lines, a septic system ensures the proper removal of wastewater from the property. Here is a closer look at more
What to Know About Wastewater Hauling, Corbin, Kentucky
Many commercial and industrial businesses require the help of a wastewater hauling service. If your company creates waste and deposits it in a holding tank or vault, you need more
What You Need to Know About Grease Traps, Corbin, Kentucky
A grease trap is an essential component of the modern commercial kitchen. It traps fats, oils, and other substances and prevents them from getting into sewer and water lines. Given more
3 Common Septic System Myths, Corbin, Kentucky
Most homeowners know little about their septic systems, which is why it’s easy to subscribe to myths. Septic care is an essential part of a healthy home and will also prevent costly more
What to Know About Septic System Drain Fields, Corbin, Kentucky
Your septic system is a crucial to keep the water in your home clean and safe. This underground wastewater treatment structure consists of two main elements: the tank and the more
4 Common Problems With Grease Traps, Corbin, Kentucky
Grease traps catch fats, oils, and grease from wastewater coming through pipes. Mostly found in commercial kitchens, they can be part of a residential setup as well to trap more
FAQ About Grease Traps, Corbin, Kentucky
Grease is a crucial factor to consider, no matter which type of septic system you use. Grease traps ensure the system correctly disposes of wastewater and the oils more
3 Items That Should Never Go Down Your Drain, Corbin, Kentucky
A sizable part of maintaining a healthy septic system is knowing what’s safe to flush or rinse down the drains. Allowing the wrong substances into your home’s plumbing can lead to more
3 Common Appliances That Can Damage Your Septic System, Corbin, Kentucky
Household appliances are getting more efficient and can handle higher capacities than ever before. However, as homeowners add more of these high-powered machines, their septic more
3 Businesses That Benefit From Grease Trap Cleaning, Corbin, Kentucky
For any business that generates a lot of grease, a grease trap is crucial for protecting the plumbing system and the surrounding environment. Without the device, solids can quickly more
Grease Traps vs. Interceptors, Corbin, Kentucky
Any commercial property that has grease running through its drainage pipes, such as a restaurant, hotel, or hospital, needs to have either a grease trap or grease interceptor. It’s more
Common Questions About Septic Systems, Corbin, Kentucky
Properties with septic tanks must follow a few procedures to keep everything in working order. For homes and businesses that rely on septic systems, knowing the basics of how this more
How to Determine How Often to Schedule Your Septic Pumping, Corbin, Kentucky
As you use your septic system, the tank sends the liquids out to the drain field and retains solids in the form of a sludge that builds up. To ensure your septic system runs more
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