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4 Common Causes of Rust-Colored Water, Grand Rapids, Wisconsin
You rely on your water supply to deliver you clean, clear water every day. However, plumbing problems can sometimes cause your water to turn an unpleasant shade of reddish-brown. While you will most likely need the assistance of a more
4 FAQs About Sump Pumps , Saratoga, Wisconsin
If you have a basement, water from the surrounding soil is constantly seeping in. Your sump pump is essential to gather the water and pump it out to keep your basement dry. If your pump isn’t doing its job correctly, you need to more
Nekoosa, WI Plumbers Businesses
Powell Plumbing & Pumps Inc, Septic Systems, Plumbing, Plumbers, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
6541 State Highway 13 S
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
(715) 325-2050
Since 1985, Powell Plumbing & Pumps has been one of Wisconsin Rapids' leading plumbing contractors, providing high-quality services to residents and business owners throughout the area. Whether you're building a new home or deal...
Pelner-Williams Plumbing & Heating LLC, HVAC Services, Septic Systems, Plumbers, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
(715) 424-7800
When your drains are clogged or your pipes need inspected, it’s important to hire a reliable plumbing contractor to complete any plumbing work you might need. Trusted by residents throughout the Wood County area, Pelner-Williams Plumbing...
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A Quick Guide to Hot Water Loss, Grand Rapids, Wisconsin
Running out of hot water when you’re in the middle of a shower, dishwashing session, or load of laundry can be troubling for any homeowner. Water heaters are designed to work more
A Guide to Septic Systems , Saratoga, Wisconsin
Common in rural areas, septic systems manage the waste flowing out of households. They are eco-friendly because they recycle wastewater. They feature three main components: the more
What Should You Know About Buying a Home With a Well?, Saratoga, Wisconsin
Wells deliver clean, free water to homes that are too far from a municipal connection. It’s an exciting feature for prospective homebuyers, and it’s important to understand all more
3 Benefits of Installing a Water Treatment System at Home, Grand Rapids, Wisconsin
Clean, fresh drinking water is integral for good health. If you currently use your tap water for drinking, you may have concerns about water quality. You may also be dissatisfied more
3 Common Water Well Issues , Saratoga, Wisconsin
Private wells offer unique benefits to homeowners in comparison to municipal systems, such as lower utility costs and fresher water. If your property features& more
A Guide to Drain Cleaning, Grand Rapids, Wisconsin
Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t think about their drains until they are causing plumbing problems. While it is in your best interest to call a plumber during these times, you more
3 Common Spring Plumbing Issues, Saratoga, Wisconsin
Spring is not as tough on your plumbing as the freezing winter weather, but it does still present some unique challenges. Knowing what the most common seasonal issues are can help more
3 Common Reasons You May Have Low Water Pressure, Grand Rapids, Wisconsin
It can be disheartening to discover a weak stream of water flowing from your faucets. That’s the last thing that you expect when you turn on the shower or attempt to wash your more
FAQ About Water Hammer, Grand Rapids, Wisconsin
Plumbing concerns can be hard to diagnose, and if they are left for too long, then they can result in serious issues. If your pipes make a banging sound when appliances such as your more
5 Common Tankless Water Heater Issues, Saratoga, Wisconsin
From washing dishes and laundry to bathing and cleaning, your household relies on having a consistent supply of hot water. Some homeowners have opted for tankless water more
A Guide to Septic Tank Pumping, Grand Rapids, Wisconsin
A functioning septic system ensures that your home has a consistent supply of clean, usable water. Your septic tank needs to be adequately maintained to keep your water clean and more
What Does Your Water Heater's Anode Rod Do?, Grand Rapids, Wisconsin
Problems with your water heater can be inconvenient and uncomfortable. Taking a shower, washing your hands, and even doing the dishes with cold water can be frustrating. more
4 Dishwasher Problems That Require a Plumber, Saratoga, Wisconsin
Your dishwasher should never end the cycle with dirty dishes, water leaks, or overheating. Several factors can result in a malfunctioning dishwasher, and it’s important to recognize more
3 Trees That Are Safe to Plant Near Plumbing Lines , Grand Rapids, Wisconsin
All trees are vital to the health of the environment to some degree, but some of them also increase the odds that you’ll need a plumber more often than you’d prefer. more
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