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What Is Hard Water & How Does It Affect Your Plumbing? , Canyon Lake, Texas
Hard water is one of the most common issues affecting the quality of household water supply. This means there’s a high level of calcium, magnesium, and other trace minerals present in the water, which can accumulate in both city more
A Guide to Gurgling Drains, Canyon Lake, Texas
Odd sounds coming from your sinks as water drains into the plumbing pipes could be the result of two drainage problems. Ignoring gurgling or other plumbing issues could lead to problems, such as water leaks, water damage, and mold more
New Braunfels, TX Plumbers Businesses
Don's Plumbing, Emergency Plumbers, Plumbing, Plumbers, Spring Branch, Texas
Residential and commercial customers in Canyon Lake, TX, are confident that their plumbing needs are covered by Don’s Plumbing. With more than 30 years of experience, Don’s Plumbing, or “The Don,” is the plumbing company to call for any ...
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How to Preserve Plumbing in Older Homes, Canyon Lake, Texas
Older homes were designed to endure time, but their central systems will only go so far. The plumbing in a historic home requires special care, and you need to be mindful of more
4 FAQ About Water Hammer, Canyon Lake, Texas
While you may hear water flowing through your home’s plumbing every so often, the sound should be a gentle whooshing rather than a loud banging. If your pipes have started more
A Plumbing Checklist for Homebuyers, Canyon Lake, Texas
Buying a new home is a momentous occasion, but there are several things you should inspect before purchasing one. From toilet repairs to leaky pipes, there are several more
How to Maintain Your Anode Rod, Canyon Lake, Texas
Without a water heater, your property wouldn’t be supplied with any hot water, which would make activities like cooking and bathing much more difficult or uncomfortable. As a more
3 Plumbing Maintenance Tips for the Winter, Canyon Lake, Texas
Winters in Texas may not get as cold as in other parts of the United States, but they still present challenges for your plumbing. You can work with your plumber to keep more
4 Common Causes of a Running Toilet, Canyon Lake, Texas
There are many reasons why a homeowner might need to call a plumber. From clearing a clogged drain to installing an in-house water filtration system, residential plumbers are more
4 Plumbing Sounds & What They Mean, Canyon Lake, Texas
Many homeowners experience plumbing sounds that they ignore. Gurgling and glugging may be signs that you need a plumber, so you have to pay attention to these noises. Here are more
3 Tips to Prevent Shower Clogs, Canyon Lake, Texas
Shower clogs are not uncommon, but they can pose a major inconvenience when you’re getting ready in the morning. Rising water due to a clogged drain can prove detrimental if it more
How Water Softeners & Water Filtration Systems Differ, Canyon Lake, Texas
Whether you own a private well or use city services, you might need a water softener or filtration system to make the liquid suitable for your home and household. Since different more
How to Unclog Your Bathroom Sink, Canyon Lake, Texas
A slow or clogged drain in your bathroom sink can be incredibly inconvenient. Chemical drain cleaners can harm pipes, and complicated plumbing tools don’t often work unless used by more
The Plumber Through Time: A Brief History of Running Water, Canyon Lake, Texas
Few advancements have enhanced daily life like the development of indoor plumbing. The journey to bring the outhouse indoors featured breakthroughs by pioneering plumbers more
How Old Is Your Water Heater? 3 Ways to Find Out, Canyon Lake, Texas
Water heaters have a typical life expectancy of 10 to 15 years for tank-type systems and 20 years for tankless models. When the appliance reaches the end of its life, you more
Want to Help the Planet? Get a Water Filtration System, Canyon Lake, Texas
Most people know that they are supposed to drink eight glasses of water per day. However, you might not like the taste of what comes out of the tap. Installing a more
5 Ways to Protect Your Plumbing This Summer, Canyon Lake, Texas
Whether you’re filling up the kiddie pool or watering your garden, it’s normal for household plumbing activity to peak in the summer. But with all these extra demands, your system more
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