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4 Tips for Preventing Holiday Plumbing Disasters, Lincoln, Nebraska
Having a house full of friends and family members certainly makes the holidays more joyful, but it also puts a major strain on your plumbing system. A backed-up toilet or clogged shower drain can put a damper on the holidays with more
4 Common Reasons for Clogged Drains, Lincoln, Nebraska
A clogged drain is not only a hassle, but it can also lead to or indicate bigger plumbing problems. Therefore, it’s important to address drain issues as soon as they arise and to avoid them when possible. The following guide looks at more
Downtown Lincoln, NE Plumbers Businesses
Dworak Plumbing, Water Heater Repairs, Plumbing, Plumbers, Lincoln, Nebraska
140 N 1st St, Ste C
Lincoln, NE 68508
(402) 435-2150
Do you have a leaky sink or clogged drain? Dworak Plumbing in Lincoln, NE, has you covered. Since 1978, these licensed professionals have worked tirelessly to perfect their craft one service at a time. They pride themselves on working wi...
Holmes Sewer & Drain, Drain Cleaning, Emergency Plumbers, Plumbers, Lincoln, Nebraska
610 G St.
Lincoln, NE 68508
(402) 432-6312
When residents and business owners throughout the Lincoln, NE, area find themselves in need of plumbing services, they turn to the plumbers at Holmes Sewer & Drain. With more than 30 years of industry experience, these specialists ha...
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3 Common Ways a Main Sewer Line Clogs, Lincoln, Nebraska
A clogged main sewer line is a serious concern. If left unaddressed, it will eventually result in a burst pipe or sewage backup into your home. While a sewer cleaning will more
3 Benefits of a Sewer Line Video Inspection, Lincoln, Nebraska
A problem with your sewer line can be a real hassle to remedy. That’s why many homeowners opt to hire a plumbing contractor who has access to high-tech equipment, more
Top 4 Signs It's Time for Pipe Replacement, Lincoln, Nebraska
The plumbing throughout your home is put to work whenever someone operates a fixture or water-based appliance. While pipes made of galvanized steel function for around 50 years, more
What to Know About Tree Roots & Your Septic Lines, Lincoln, Nebraska
Trees add value, shade, and aesthetics to your property, but if you’re not careful, they can be harmful, too. For example, when their root systems invade your septic more
4 Steps to Take If Your Wedding Ring Goes Down the Drain, Lincoln, Nebraska
You’re at the sink when the unthinkable happens—the wedding ring you put on the counter so you could attend to the dishes goes sailing down the drain. As devastated as you more
Do’s & Don’ts of Clearing a Clogged Drain, Lincoln, Nebraska
A clogged drain is one of the most common plumbing problems that homeowners experience. Usually, the blockages are a result of food particles and grease in sink drains or more
How to Use Less Water at Home, Lincoln, Nebraska
Water is a precious resource that human beings need to survive. However, responsible consumption should also be a priority. Aside from helping the environment, using less water can more
Why You Should Avoid Commercial Drain Cleaners, Lincoln, Nebraska
Clogged drains are one of the most common plumbing problems among homeowners. However, don’t try to solve it by heading to the local grocery store for drain cleaner as these more
3 Items That Shouldn't Be Flushed, Lincoln, Nebraska
Your toilet gets daily use and rarely has problems, in part because designs have been improving every year for many decades. However, you shouldn't push your luck. To avoid a clog more
6 Items You Shouldn't Put in the Garbage Disposal , Lincoln, Nebraska
Garbage disposals are convenient additions to any kitchen. These devices provide an easy way to grind up food while keeping your plumbing flowing. There are certain items, more
5 Tips for Using Your Garbage Disposal Correctly, Lincoln, Nebraska
Garbage disposals provide a convenient cleanup option for your kitchen scraps. But like any other device, they require proper maintenance. Below are a few tips from expert plumbers more
4 FAQ About Backflow & Plumbing, Lincoln, Nebraska
From clogged toilets to slow drains, no one likes having plumbing system mishaps. One common problem you should take steps to prevent is backflow. If you’re unfamiliar with more
3 Ways You Can Prevent a Clogged Sewer Line, Lincoln, Nebraska
If you live in the city or suburbs, chances are your plumbing flushes to a municipal sewer. While the line that connects your home to the city network is sturdy, it is still more
How to Protect Your Water Heater This Winter , Lincoln, Nebraska
Everyone’s water heater has to work harder during winter. The extra strain of heating colder water puts your unit at risk of a malfunction that could require water more
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