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3 Reasons Your Sink Is Dripping, Pine Grove, California
Leaky sinks are inconvenient. They make it difficult for you to do chores like washing dishes, cooking, and cleaning. Unfortunately, they can damage your cabinetry and flooring, too. While you wait for a plumber to arrive, you ...read more
3 Tips for Locating a Water Leak in Your Home , Pine Grove, California
Even if you don’t see telltale pools of water, you may still notice the effect of a water leak somewhere in the pipes. Maybe it’s a higher water bill or a decrease in water pressure that’s making you suspicious. In either case,...read more
Fiddletown, CA Emergency Plumbers Businesses
Amador Plumbing Co, Drain Cleaning, Emergency Plumbers, Plumbing, Sutter Creek, California
62 Ridge Rd
Sutter Creek, CA 95665
(209) 223-2204
Focused on fast service and high-quality solutions, Amador Plumbing Co. has been the top choice for plumbing repairs in Sutter Creek, CA, for more than 20 years. This plumbing company offers repair, installation, and maintenance services...
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Summer is here, which means fun activities like barbeques and swimming. However, it also comes with a new set of potential plumbing issues than the colder months offered. From fillin...read more
When to Replace Your Water Heater, Pine Grove, California
You rely on the water heater every day, which makes it an essential home appliance. Every homeowner should know how to tell when their water heater is on its last legs so t...read more
5 Reasons to Avoid Chemicals for Drain Cleaning, Pine Grove, California
If you've got a slow or clogged drain, one of the DIY solutions available is to pour powerful drain cleaning chemicals down your pipes to dissolve the obstruction. While this may see...read more
4 Plumbing Tasks to Leave to the Professionals, Pine Grove, California
When it comes to clogged toilets or water leaks, DIY repairs can sometimes be sufficient. However, more extensive tasks are usually better left to professional plumbers&nbs...read more
What's the Difference Between Trenchless & Traditional Sewer Line Repairs? , Pine Grove, California
Because your sewer line is buried deep in your yard, the plumbing repair process has historically been complicated and expensive. Fortunately, improvements in industry technolog...read more
3 Common Spring Plumbing Problems to Be Aware of , Pine Grove, California
Homeowners often need plumbing repairs in the spring after the ground thaws and the temperature changes. This is the main time of year when pipes crack and clogs form....read more
5 Items You Shouldn't Put Down the Garbage Disposal, Pine Grove, California
Your garbage disposal is a tough appliance that can handle many kinds of food waste. But it still has its limits, and putting the wrong items down the drain can damage or clog the un...read more
How to Find & Prevent Water Leaks, Pine Grove, California
Along with a dripping faucet or a stubborn clog, a water leak is one of the most common plumbing repairs. Depending on the cause, the damage can either be immediate and wid...read more
How to Turn Off Your Water Heater's Gas Supply, Pine Grove, California
If your water heater is leaking, overheating, or making concerning noises, it’s essential to cut off its power supply. For gas water heaters, this means switching off the gas valve.&...read more
Reasons to Winterize Your Plumbing System, Pine Grove, California
In many areas of the country, frigid temperatures cause residential plumbing systems to freeze. When water turns to ice, it expands, and this strain could damage pipes. That’s why yo...read more
5 Common Reasons You Need Plumbing Repair, Pine Grove, California
Most situations that call for a visit from a plumber fall into a few basic categories, including problems with the water pipes and the sewer lines. When you call, you should ide...read more
5 Signs of Worn Pipes, Pine Grove, California
Over time, the home’s pipes will begin to wear down due to age. If left unaddressed for a long time, this can leave you needing extensive plumbing repairs. Luckily, there are se...read more
Can Chemical Drain Cleaners Damage Your Plumbing?, Pine Grove, California
Dealing with a clog is never an enjoyable task. Many homeowners opt for the seemingly easy solution of buying a chemical drain cleaner, as it allows you to clear the clog withou...read more
Top 3 Scenarios That Call for Professional Drain Cleaning, Pine Grove, California
Homeowners rely on their drains and plumbing system to remove wastewater efficiently. However, when blockages occur, or if something else goes wrong, your system may be unable t...read more
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