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What Are Window Sashes?, Green, Ohio
Though you probably look out of them every day, do you know what your windows are made of? If your windows can open, you’ve had firsthand experience with a sash, even if you’ve never used the term before. To learn more about this essenti...read more
3 Creative Projects for Your Old Windows, Green, Ohio
Upgrading your windows provides many benefits ranging from improved curb appeal to a boost in energy efficiency. Don’t throw away those old panes just yet, however! There are many fun and interesting creations you can make with them...read more
Monfort Heights South, OH Home Improvement Businesses
Murphy Home Improvement, Windows, Doors, Home Improvement, Cincinnati, Ohio
6571 Glenway Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45211
(513) 922-8989
For any type of exterior renovation or repair, count on the installation crew from Murphy Home Improvement. With over 30 years of service, they have become one of the top remodeling companies in Cincinnati, OH, and are known for their wi...
Schneider Home Equipment, Home Improvement, Home Improvement Centers, Home Improvement Stores, Cincinnati, Ohio
7948 Pippin Road
Cincinnati, OH 45239
Schneider Home Equipment Co. opened for business in 1935. Initially known as Schneider Hardware, the first store was located in Fairmount. Schneider's primary products were custom painted wood storm windows and doors. In the mid 50's, wi...
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Grilling Under Awnings: How to Do It Safely, Green, Ohio
Having an awning in your yard makes spring and summer even more fun than these warm weather seasons already are; it creates new space outside for entertaining and relaxing. You might...read more
The Do’s and Don’ts of Replacing Your Roof, Green, Ohio
Roof replacement is among the most expensive, but essential, home improvement projects. To get your money’s worth, it is vital to ensure that the job is done well, as a&nbs...read more
How to Tell if a Roof Is in Disrepair, Green, Ohio
Plumbing, electrical, and roofing are all possible money pits when buying a new home. Although some may purchase with the intent to move right in and live happily ever after, many im...read more
5 Remodeling Projects to Tackle Before Selling, Green, Ohio
If you're preparing to sell your home, investing in remodeling now can pay off with better offers and a higher sales price down the road. In particular, you should focus on the basic...read more
Your Complete Guide to Bay Windows, Green, Ohio
If you want to breathe a little more life into your house, bay windows are an excellent way to do it. These expansive and protruding constructions increase the amount of space and li...read more
3 Factors That Determine a Roofing Estimate, Green, Ohio
Roofing repairs and replacements are home improvement projects that homeowners should anticipate as their properties age. Roofers should have a track record of quality...read more
What to Do When You Find Mold in the Windows, Green, Ohio
Finding mold in the windows can be discouraging. Not only does it cause the material to appear dirty, but it also presents the possibility of internal deterioration. If you’re unsure...read more
3 Issues to Check With Your Entry Door This Winter, Green, Ohio
Your entry door is the gateway between your home and the outside world. It provides a sturdy barrier against cold, snow, and other winter hazards. But over time, it isn’t unusual for...read more
3 Key Winter Roofing Issues to Consider, Green, Ohio
Dealing with roofing problems at any time of the year can be challenging, but winter poses a set of unique threats that can threaten its integrity and endanger your home. The combina...read more
3 Ways to Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space Throughout the Year, Green, Ohio
When temperatures drop in winter and homeowners seek warmth indoors, many find themselves missing the great outdoors. However, with just a few updates, homeowners can actually enjoy ...read more
Retractable Awnings in the Winter: How to Safeguard This Outdoor Living Feature, Green, Ohio
As the harsh winds and heavy snowfalls of winter line up, homeowners will rush to cover their pools, pack up gardening equipment, and put landscape decor in backyard sheds. However, ...read more
How to Combat Drafty Windows, Green, Ohio
Nothing ruins a cozy, warm atmosphere like a bitter winter breeze. Unfortunately, this situation is all too familiar for homeowners with drafty windows. While the issue is a common o...read more
What Your Home’s Exterior Says About You, Green, Ohio
Your home is an extension of your personality. Windows, doors, and even the color of your siding demonstrates to visitors an aspect of your being. Below is a brief guide to what the ...read more
Advice for Preventing Squirrel Damage to Your Home, Green, Ohio
While they may be cute and adorable running through your yard, they are anything but once they start causing damage to your home or, worse yet, making their way indoors. Whether they...read more
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