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What Are the Differences Between Boilers & Water Heaters?, Anchorage, Alaska
Boilers and water heaters both heat water for your home, but the former can perform additional functions that the latter can’t. While both appliances heat water, their methods for doing so are notably different. Review this bri...read more
3 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency, Anchorage, Alaska
It requires a lot of energy to keep your home comfortable — particularly during the winter. In addition to having a heating contractor give your furnace system a tuneup before the cold weather sets in, there are several key upgrades you ...read more
Anchorage, AK Heating Businesses
Muotka Mechanical, Inc., Gas Line Contractors, HVAC Services, Heating, Anchorage, Alaska
11131 Polar Dr
Anchorage, AK 99516
For nearly two decades, the expert technicians at Muotka Mechanical have provided a wide range of heating services in Anchorage, AK. Trusted by both homeowners and business owners, this heating contractor can fix almost every system type...
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3 HVAC Maintenance Steps to Do This Fall, Anchorage, Alaska
Fall is the perfect time to inspect your furnace and perform some essential maintenance tasks to prepare it for the dropping temperatures of winter. With seasonal attention...read more
4 Reasons to Schedule a Furnace Inspection, Anchorage, Alaska
Usually tucked away in utility rooms, furnaces are sometimes neglected. You shouldn’t forget to schedule an annual inspection just because the appliance is out of sight. Here ar...read more
3 Gas Fireplace Safety Tips, Anchorage, Alaska
A gas fireplace can provide your family with incredible comfort during the coldest days of the year. These structures also offer additional safety compared to woo...read more
Do’s & Don’ts of Setting Your Thermostat, Anchorage, Alaska
Furnaces, air conditioners, and other HVAC equipment account for most of the energy costs in American homes. When you’re setting your thermostat, you need to balance the cost of runn...read more
3 Features to Include in Your Hotel Lobby, Anchorage, Alaska
Managing a hotel involves more than just maintaining a clean space. You also need to create a beautiful ambiance that appeals to your guests and inspires them to return. This process...read more
3 Signs You Need Boiler Repair, Anchorage, Alaska
Your boiler keeps you warm and cozy in the winter months by turning water into steam and distributing that heat throughout your home. Over time, though, even the best appliance can b...read more
3 Reasons to Heat Your Garage, Anchorage, Alaska
The garage is an extension of your home. You can use it to store vehicles and valuable belongings or turn it into a workshop or extra living space. However, many central heating syst...read more
3 Reasons to Schedule Heater Maintenance During the Summer, Anchorage, Alaska
It’s easy to forget about your central heating system during the summer. Even though you aren’t using it, the equipment still requires some maintenance throughout the warmer months. ...read more
4 FAQ About Gas Fireplaces, Anchorage, Alaska
A gas fireplace provides the warmth and aesthetic value of its wood-burning counterpart, but with much better safety features. If you want a cozy fireplace for your home, you ma...read more
What Is an Anode Rod?, Anchorage, Alaska
The anode rod is an essential component of your water heater that protects the metal lining from corrosion. It’s a steel core wire made up of either aluminum, magnesium, or...read more
How to Tell If Your Gas Fireplace Is Safe to Use, Anchorage, Alaska
Turning on the fireplace does more than keep you warm; it also creates a cozy ambiance indoors when it’s cold outside. There are some safety tasks to keep in mind before li...read more
3 Tips for Maintaining Furnaces During the Summer, Anchorage, Alaska
While you won’t find yourself switching on your furnace during the summer months, your HVAC system has an internal air handler that works in tandem with your air conditioning system ...read more
3 Signs Your Gas Fireplace Needs to be Repaired, Anchorage, Alaska
Many people are drawn to the comfort and convenience of gas fireplaces. Yet, as with any feature in your home, they can develop issues over time. Since working with gas requires the ...read more
Benefits of Having a Gas Fireplace in Your Home, Anchorage, Alaska
When temperatures drop in the evenings, a room with a fireplace is the perfect place to keep warm. Other than providing comfort and charm, there are plenty of other advantages to thi...read more
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