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Expert Plumbers Explain How to Avoid a Clogged Toilet, New Britain, Connecticut
A clogged toilet is often incredibly inconvenient for homeowners because it creates a messy situation that can be dangerous to your health and damage your plumbing. However, preventing the situation altogether may seem impossible, e...read more
How to Prevent Frozen Plumbing, New Britain, Connecticut
Pipe bursting is a common winter phenomenon, especially up north. It occurs when water trapped inside plumbing freezes and expands, enacting pressure on the surrounding material. Whether made from plastic or metal, pipes experiencin...read more
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Elmwood Plumbing & Heating, Bathroom Remodeling, Heating, Plumbing, W Hartford, Connecticut
60 Cambridge St
W Hartford, CT 06110
Are you in need of a licensed plumber and heating contractor to make sure both your pipes and HVAC system are working as they should? If this is the case, don’t hire two separate companies—simply call Elmwood Plumbing & Heating in We...
Rukowski Plumbing & Heating, Water Heater Services, Heating, Plumbers, New Britain, Connecticut
For over 50 years, residents of New Britain, CT have relied on Rutkowski Plumbing & Heating to keep their homes warm and their pipes flowing smoothly. This fourth generation family-owned business has stood the test of time,...
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3 Signs of Ice in Your Plumbing, New Britain, Connecticut
The winter months bring special maintenance concerns for many homeowners, including the risk of frozen pipes. Ice can be a big problem when it expands and causes plastic and metal to...read more
3 Differences Between Furnace & Boiler Heating Systems, New Britain, Connecticut
Choosing the best heating system for your home comes down to understanding the advantages that each option offers. The two most common systems are furnaces and boilers, and...read more
3 Signs That It Might Be Time to Replace Your Water Heater, New Britain, Connecticut
A water heater is an integral component of a comfortable home. Your existing unit will need replacement at some point, and knowing the common indications can help you get t...read more
Hartford Plumbing Company Breaks Down How to Maintain Your Water Heater, West Hartford, Connecticut
The last thing you want during your morning shower is to be hit with a face full of cold water. Well, according to Elmwood Plumbing & Heating—a plumbing company in the Greater Ha...read more
4 Things to Know When Opting to Convert Oil to Gas, New Britain, Connecticut
Although homeowners often see a spike in energy bills during winter, opting to power furnaces and additional equipment with oil only adds to the expense. To reduce monthly rates...read more
Top 3 Plumbing Repairs You Should Leave to the Experts, West Hartford, Connecticut
For the avid DIY’er, the ability to repair something without hiring a professional is like a badge of honor. There’s nothing noble at all, however, about attempting a repair that is ...read more
Local Plumber Explains How to Tell When You Need a Faucet Replacement, West Hartford, Connecticut
Faucets are one of the most used components of a home in both bathrooms and kitchens. Yet, with a life span of around 15 years, they often go overlooked until an issue arises. For th...read more
3 Winterizing Tips From Your Heating Repair Service, New Britain, Connecticut
As the cold weather of winter lurks around the corner, many homeowners find themselves scrambling to prepare their house for the temperature change. While it’s certainly important to...read more
4 Safety Tips Local Plumbers Think Homeowners Should Know, New Britain, Connecticut
When tackling a plumbing job, you must adhere to several safety precautions. From using the proper tools to wearing certain gear, these requirements can easily prevent accidents...read more
Local Plumber Explains What to Do When Your Toilet Overflows, West Hartford, Connecticut
When your toilet clogs and begins to overflow, you must act quickly to prevent water or raw sewage from spilling onto the bathroom floor—and potentially throughout the rest of your p...read more
5 Reasons Your Faucet Is Leaking & Causing Plumbing Trouble, New Britain, Connecticut
Plumbing problems are frustrating and inconvenient at best. If you’re facing a leaky faucet, there are a few likely reasons behind the dripping fixture. From trickles to full streams...read more
3 Tips for Water Heater Maintenance, New Britain, Connecticut
Your water heater is essential to keep your home comfortably supplied with hot water. Like any appliance, it works best with regular maintenance. By learning a few basic ways to care...read more
Local Plumber Provides a Basic Guide to How Sump Pumps Work , West Hartford, Connecticut
As a homeowner, discovering your basement has flooded is one of the most dreaded situations you can experience. Fortunately, sump pumps are specifically designed to keep this from ha...read more
3 Summer Maintenance Tips to Keep Plumbing Systems Operating Smoothly, New Britain, Connecticut
From operating sprinkler systems and outdoor Jacuzzi tubs to increasing the number of showers taken each day, there are plenty of ways people use more water during the summer months....read more
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