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3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Furnace, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
There comes a time when even the most reliable investments need replacing. If your furnace has been struggling, it's important to know when to draw the line between repairing it and investing in an upgrade. The following looks more
3 Items You Should Never Flush Down the Drain, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
As any plumber will confirm, it is much easier to clog a drain pipe than to unclog it. Therefore, make a point to only flush approved materials. Otherwise, you could face an inconvenient blockage that puts one of your fixtures more
Sherry, WI Air Conditioning Businesses
Steve's Plumbing & Heating, Plumbing, Air Conditioning, Heating, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
(715) 421-1800
A quality plumber can do more than plunge your toilet. The professional technicians at Steve’s Plumbing & Heating in Wisconsin can keep you warm during the winter, save you money on your energy bill, and bail you out in case there’s&...
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4 Worrisome Smells to Come From Your Furnace, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
Heaters have a long life span, sometimes running for up to 20 or 30 years. However, regular use can cause them to develop problems during this time. Sometimes, homeowners get a more
3 Reasons to Replace Your HVAC Ducts, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
HVAC ducts are generally hidden in the walls and ceiling. However, despite being invisible, they play a vital role in dispersing heated or cooled air throughout the house. Old, more
4 Steps to Winterize Your AC Unit, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
If you have central air conditioning, you have a condenser on your property that is responsible for releasing heat outside. This exterior cooling unit is made to resist more
How Can I Reduce Water Waste at Home?, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
Have your water bills been higher than usual? 10% of households have leaking pipes that cost them an additional 90 gallons or more of water per day. Besides calling a more
4 Noises That Should Prompt You to Call a Plumber , Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
It can be inconvenient to turn on your faucet, flush your toilet, or try to run your garbage disposal only to realize that it doesn't work. However, your fixtures often give more
3 Reasons Your Hot Water Runs Out So Fast, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
It can be unsettling when your hot shower suddenly turns cold. If this is a frequent occurrence in your household, it could be one of several issues that are described in the guide more
4 Advantages of Installing a Garbage Disposal, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
Cooking generates a lot of waste, and many homeowners make the mistake of flushing scraps down their kitchen sink. This can result in significant clogs and damage that require more
4 Concerning Air Conditioner Noises, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
Most air conditioners make some noise during operation. However, certain sounds should be taken as a warning that something is wrong with the unit. This allows you to seek more
5 Ways to Lower Your Cooling Costs, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
Once summer arrives, many households rely on air conditioning to provide relief from the heat. However, consistently running the AC can quickly cause your electricity bills to more
3 Tips for Detecting Plumbing Leaks, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
Some homeowners think that a little plumbing leak is harmless and can be ignored without much consequence. On the contrary, drips can signal something more severe, such as corroded more
What to Do as You Wait for Summer Kitchen Renovations, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
Kitchen remodeling often takes several weeks to complete, which is why summer is the perfect time to schedule it. The wait is well worth it, as you’ll get to use all-new countertops, more
How to Prepare Your Furnace for Summer, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
With the change in seasons and summer quickly approaching, your HVAC system will make the transition from heating to cooling. To reduce the need for furnace repair in the future, more
3 Reasons to Get a New Toilet, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
While no homeowner wants to spend too much time thinking about their toilet, this fixture will eventually need replacement after years or decades of service. By identifying the more
4 Tips for Turning On the AC at the Start of Spring, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
Spring is the ideal time to check your cooling system. Harsh winter temperatures can cause mechanical problems, and no one wants to be stuck with a broken AC once the hot more
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