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3 Benefits of Pool Heaters, Middletown, Ohio
A lot of pool owners don’t have pool heaters, but there are multiple advantages to installing them. A good HVAC contractor will be able to install, repair, and maintain the heater so that you can enjoy the benefits for many years. Below ...read more
3 Reasons for an Air Conditioner Leak, Middletown, Ohio
As air conditioners operate, they create condensation. This sometimes leads to small drips or puddles around your unit. If you notice more water than usual, it may be time to schedule professional air conditioner repairs. Understanding t...read more
Middletown, OH Heating & Air Businesses
Philip Perkins Heating & Air Conditioning, Air Conditioning, Heating & Air, HVAC Services, Middletown, Ohio
3308 Jewell Street, Front Entrance
Middletown, OH 45042
Your house is a sanctuary, but without heating or air conditioning, you can’t make it a place to relax, unwind and enjoy life. To keep the heat and AC working properly, your HVAC systems need to be installed and maintained by traine...
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When Should Your HVAC Filters Be Changed?, Middletown, Ohio
Regular maintenance is essential for keeping your home’s HVAC system running in optimal condition. One of the most important steps you can take is replacing the filters in your heati...read more
Why a Spring Air Conditioning Checkup Is an Absolute Must, Middletown, Ohio
With temperatures starting to warm up across the country, the time will soon be here to start running your air conditioner daily. Before Summer arrives, however, you should...read more
3 Reasons to Upgrade to Smart Thermostats, Middletown, Ohio
Smart thermostats are more advanced than ever before. Evolving alongside smartphones, these devices have several functions that traditional thermostats don't. While upgradi...read more
Why Your Home Heats Up Unevenly, Middletown, Ohio
You expect your heating system to warm your home efficiently during the coolest months of the year. Sometimes, however, you might notice it feels warmer in some parts of the house an...read more
How to Tell if You Need a New Furnace, Middletown, Ohio
It may seem like your furnace only ever acts up on the coldest week of the year. In part, that's because cold weather puts a strain on the system that leads to breakdowns. Howev...read more
5 Tips for Maintaining Your Home's HVAC System this Fall, Middletown, Ohio
There are numerous things homeowners need to do to keep their property protected during the changing seasons, including heating and cooling maintenance. This is partic...read more
Why Have Your Furnace Serviced This Fall?, Middletown, Ohio
You may not know exactly when you’ll turn your heat on this fall, but if you haven’t kept up with annual furnace cleanings or maintenance, you might be in for a b...read more
3 Tips for Boosting Your Furnace's Efficiency, Middletown, Ohio
For many homeowners, maintaining a comfortable temperature without breaking the budget is a constant struggle. By increasing your furnace's efficiency, you can achieve both qualities...read more
Should You Leave Your Heating & Cooling on While Traveling?, Middletown, Ohio
Whether you are leaving for a few days or a few weeks, you’ll likely be wondering whether your heating and cooling system should be left on. It may seem a waste to run your air condi...read more
3 Ways a New Pet Affects Your HVAC System, Middletown, Ohio
Bringing a new family member home changes your life in many ways. While the changes for your HVAC system may not be the most obvious, they are important. Keep your indoor air quality...read more
How to Improve Indoor Air Quality, Middletown, Ohio
Although it’s possible for family members to catch colds from sick coworkers and classmates, the quality of the indoor air could also be the source of the problem. From dust to dirt ...read more
How to Choose a Heating & Cooling System for Your Home, Middletown, Ohio
To make your home comfortable while keeping your heating and cooling bills low and your air quality high, you need to choose the right air conditioner and heater options for your hom...read more
Should You Leave Your HVAC On or Off While You’re Traveling?, Middletown, Ohio
With summer vacation just on the horizon, homeowners may be contemplating whether to leave their heating and cooling systems on or off while they’re away. While there’s no hard and f...read more
3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Thermostat, Middletown, Ohio
Spring has finally arrived, and many families may be turning on their air conditioner for the first time this year. If your heating and cooling units are experiencing issues, the cul...read more
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