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What Causes Temperature Imbalances in the Home?, Mountain Home, Arkansas
After a long day spent at work or running errands, you might look forward to coming home to a relaxing living space. However, if your property is plagued by uneven temperatures, you might not be able to get comfortable. Review the common...read more
4 Ways to Lower Utility Bills, Mountain Home, Arkansas
Between using the air conditioner, washing machine, and water heater, powering your home isn’t cheap. The average household spends over $1,400 per year on utilities alone. However, with a few lifestyle adjustments, you and your fami...read more
Mountain Home, AR Heating & Air Businesses
Havens Air Tech, Inc., home heating, Heating and AC, Heating & Air, Mountain Home, Arkansas
1397 E 9th St
Mountain Home, AR 72653
(870) 425-4901
As the weather starts heating up and summer rolls in, you do not want to be in Mountain Home, AR, without a working HVAC system. For over 40 years, many in the region have chosen the professionals at Havens Air Tech, Inc. as their go-to ...
Custom Heating & Cooling, Air Conditioning, home heating, Heating & Air, Mountain Home, Arkansas
205 W North St
Mountain Home, AR 72653
(870) 425-9498
Finding a reliable heating and cooling contractor that can provide you with a wide range of services isn’t always easy, which is why Custom Heating & Cooling in Mountain Home, AR, takes such pride in what they do. By offering outstan...
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3 Reasons Your AC Unit Is Making Strange Sounds, Mountain Home, Arkansas
Air conditioning and heating systems are designed to work in the background to make your home comfortable. Unfortunately, when something goes wrong, the unit might make unnecessary a...read more
3 Ways to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly, Mountain Home, Arkansas
Over the past few decades, society has become more conscious of environmental concerns and energy consumption. Although it isn’t possible to stop using your furnace or air condi...read more
4 FAQ About Geothermal HVAC Systems, Mountain Home, Arkansas
If your current HVAC system is starting to fail, consider upgrading to a more reliable and energy-efficient unit. Geothermal heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular for hom...read more
How to Choose an HVAC System When Building a New House, Mountain Home, Arkansas
Building a new home can be incredibly exciting. In addition to putting your personal stamp on everything from the countertops to the paint color, you also get to choose air...read more
3 Benefits of Air Source Heat Pump Installations, Mountain Home, Arkansas
When the time comes to replace your HVAC system, the equipment you choose matters. Some air conditioning units are better suited for larger properties, and others have energy-saving ...read more
A Brief Introduction to Air Source Heat Pumps, Mountain Home, Arkansas
If you’re thinking about upgrading your heating and air conditioning system, you may think that your choices are limited. But the air source heat pump provides homeowners with anothe...read more
3 Reasons to Switch to Geothermal Heating, Mountain Home, Arkansas
If you’re looking for a more efficient alternative to your gas furnace, then geothermal heating could be the answer. These systems use natural heat from the earth to warm your home a...read more
4 Geothermal Heating Myths Debunked , Mountain Home, Arkansas
Geothermal heating takes the natural warmth from underground and distributes it to your home by sending water flowing through underground pipes. This water is the...read more
3 Reasons to Go Green With Geothermal Heating, Mountain Home, Arkansas
Homeowners seeking a practical way to reduce their carbon footprint may want to consider geothermal heating as an alternative to traditional methods. This eco-friendly option has qui...read more
4 Reasons the Furnace Isn't Working Well, Mountain Home, Arkansas
In the chilly winter months, it’s nice to cuddle up with your favorite blanket and some hot cocoa in your warm, comfortable home. Your gas furnace is responsible for m...read more
How to Get Your Gas Furnace Ready for Cold Weather, Mountain Home, Arkansas
If you’re a new homeowner, you’ll likely want advice on how to maintain your property throughout the changing seasons. Preparing your gas furnace for the winter will prevent breakdow...read more
What to Know About Forced Air Heating , Mountain Home, Arkansas
There are a variety of ways to keep your home warm throughout the colder months, but one of the most efficient solutions is forced air heating. These systems work well with electric,...read more
3 Common AC Problems to Look Out for , Mountain Home, Arkansas
It would be nice if you could simply turn on an air conditioner and not need to worry about it. Unfortunately, these appliances do experience problems from time to time. You can...read more
5 Reasons to Upgrade to a Mini-Split System, Mountain Home, Arkansas
HVAC upgrades are essential to the comfort of your home, preventing energy bills from skyrocketing and ensuring an even indoor temperature. One popular option to consider i...read more
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