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5 Common Issues With Ductless Air Conditioners, Olive Branch, Mississippi
While a ductless air conditioner keeps you comfortable as efficiently as a central air system, the manner in which it delivers air into the home during the summer is much different. Rather than relying on a system of ...read more
Why Does Ice Form on Air Conditioning Units?, Olive Branch, Mississippi
On a hot summer day, it might seem very strange to see ice forming on your air conditioning unit. However, this problem is fairly common and has two main causes. Here’s a closer look at each reason for the ice along with how to...read more
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Gary Duncan Service Company, HVAC Services, Heating, Heating & Air, Olive Branch, Mississippi
(662) 895-2023
For nearly 40 years, northern Mississippi homeowners have relied on Gary Duncan Service Company to meet all of their heating and air conditioning needs. Located in Olive Branch, their highly trained, Trane-certified technicians offer a c...
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4 Common AC Issues that Develop in the Spring, Olive Branch, Mississippi
As the spring weather begins to heat up, you may find yourself turning on the air conditioner for the first time in months. When the cooling system hasn’t been used regularly since t...read more
3 Benefits of Having Your AC Unit Checked Every Year, Olive Branch, Mississippi
There are certain aspects of daily life we don’t even think about until there’s a problem. If your air conditioner has been running smoothly, it’s easy to put it out of mind. Bu...read more
Tips for Choosing a New AC for Your Home, Olive Branch, Mississippi
With various brands and models offered on the market, buying a new air conditioner can be a little intimidating. Since this is considered a significant purchase, it pays to choose wi...read more
4 Furnace Parts That Frequently Get Dirty, Olive Branch, Mississippi
Your HVAC system needs regular maintenance to keep it in working order, and part of the reason is the buildup of dust and debris as air is circulated through your home. Certain ...read more
3 Tips for Choosing an HVAC Air Filter, Olive Branch, Mississippi
The air filter plays a vital role in protecting the performance, integrity, and longevity of your HVAC system. Replacing it regularly promotes proper airflow and safeguards ...read more
3 Tips to Heat the Home While Out of Town for the Holidays, Olive Branch, Mississippi
Maintaining some warmth in your home while you’re out of town during the holiday season is important for a number of reasons. It may prevent the pipes from freezing and causing signi...read more
3 Tips to Make Your HVAC Unit More Energy-Efficient This Winter, Olive Branch, Mississippi
Northern Mississippi winters may not be as harsh as New England, but they do require a lot from an HVAC system. If yours isn’t prepared to efficiently handle the extra work, you...read more
Does Your Furnace Need Yearly Maintenance?, Olive Branch, Mississippi
Your furnace provides heat during the cold months, and when it breaks down, it will probably be when you need it most. It’s not just bad luck, though—it’s because no o...read more
4 Tips to Reduce Your AC Use as Summer Comes to a Close, Olive Branch, Mississippi
As summer draws to a close this September, the temperatures will start to decrease. While you may be tempted to turn off your air conditioner at this time, you’ll likely find th...read more
What's the Ideal Thermostat Setting When No One's Home?, Olive Branch, Mississippi
While setting your thermostat when you’re home is easy—you can just use trial and error until you’re comfortable—what to do when you’re away is a more complicated question if you’re ...read more
4 Common Air Conditioner Problems, Olive Branch, Mississippi
In a busy modern life, it’s easy to take home comfort for granted. Homeowners don’t typically pay too much attention to their air conditioners until a problem arises. When it st...read more
3 Simple Tips for Staying Cool During an Air Conditioning Outage, Olive Branch, Mississippi
The warmest months of the year are officially here, and so is an increased reliance on your home’s air conditioning system. This heavy use can often lead to premature ...read more
How to Keep Your Kids From Overheating This Summer, Olive Branch, Mississippi
Kids love spending time outdoors during summer break. Playing outside can help them get plenty of exercise and fun with their friends. However, being out in the heat f...read more
5 Easy Ways to Improve AC Efficiency All Summer, Olive Branch, Mississippi
As spring continues to blossom, your HVAC system will soon be asked to take on a heavy load. Fortunately, you can help it avoid working overtime. There are a number of easy...read more
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