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4 Common Air Conditioner Problems, Olive Branch, Mississippi
In a busy modern life, it’s easy to take home comfort for granted. Homeowners don’t typically pay too much attention to their air conditioners until a problem arises. When it starts behaving erratically, though, it’s important to ac...read more
3 Simple Tips for Staying Cool During an Air Conditioning Outage, Olive Branch, Mississippi
The warmest months of the year are officially here, and so is an increased reliance on your home’s air conditioning system. This heavy use can often lead to premature wear and tear, though, which might cause an unexpected ...read more
DeSoto, MS Heating & Air Businesses
Gary Duncan Service Company, HVAC Services, Heating, Heating & Air, Olive Branch, Mississippi
For nearly 40 years, northern Mississippi homeowners have relied on Gary Duncan Service Company to meet all of their heating and air conditioning needs. Located in Olive Branch, their highly trained, Trane-certified technicians offer a c...
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How to Keep Your Kids From Overheating This Summer, Olive Branch, Mississippi
Kids love spending time outdoors during summer break. Playing outside can help them get plenty of exercise and fun with their friends. However, being out in the heat f...read more
5 Easy Ways to Improve AC Efficiency All Summer, Olive Branch, Mississippi
As spring continues to blossom, your HVAC system will soon be asked to take on a heavy load. Fortunately, you can help it avoid working overtime. There are a number of easy...read more
3 Air Conditioning Upkeep Tips for Spring, Olive Branch, Mississippi
To avoid air conditioning malfunctions during summer, take care of system maintenance in spring. Addressing any issues now will ensure the system performs during heatw...read more
3 Health Benefits of a Well-Maintained Air Conditioner, Olive Branch, Mississippi
Most homeowners understand that air conditioning maintenance will help their system run efficiently and extend its life span. Every time cool, refreshing air touches their skin, it’s...read more
Should You Close Vents in Unused Rooms?, Olive Branch, Mississippi
Many homeowners assume closing vents in unused rooms will help save money on their energy bills, but unfortunately, this is not the case. Harmless as it may seem, closing your v...read more
How Indoor Air Quality Affects Health, Olive Branch, Mississippi
The quality of the air inside a structure can be impacted by a number of different factors, including the HVAC system, the cleanliness of the building, and any pollutants that may ha...read more
Top 3 Tips for Winter Heating Maintenance, Olive Branch, Mississippi
As a homeowner, you might already know how a faulty heating system can affect you and your family during cold winter days and nights, even in the milder South. Preparing your heating...read more
How Does Trane Certification for an HVAC Company Benefit Consumers?, Olive Branch, Mississippi
In the HVAC industry, there’s no higher standard than being a certified Trane Comfort Specialist™. Companies that achieve this certification have worked hard to adhere to rigorous st...read more
3 Steps to Take to Ensure Your HVAC System Is Ready for Winter , Olive Branch, Mississippi
With the leaves beginning to fall and the temperatures starting to cool, now is the time to make sure your HVAC system is prepared to keep you warm this winter. While sitting by the ...read more
Why Is Your Air Conditioner Always Running?, Olive Branch, Mississippi
An air conditioner will typically cycles on and off throughout the day to provide your home with cool air and keep it comfortable on even the hottest days. However, if the HVAC unit ...read more
Understanding Your Furnace's Efficiency Rating, Olive Branch, Mississippi
Your HVAC system is the most energy-intensive equipment in your home, accounting for approximately 42% of the average family’s annual energy costs. When you replace a furnace or...read more
The Homeowner's Guide to HVAC Filters, Olive Branch, Mississippi
Every central HVAC system has an air filter, which is usually located on the return duct or blower compartment. Most homeowners need to replace this filter about once every thre...read more
5 Questions to Ask for Your Air Conditioning Sales Estimate, Olive Branch, Mississippi
If you need new HVAC equipment, browsing air conditioning sales is a good place to start. But it’s not enough just to find a well-priced unit and place an order. When you’re choosing...read more
How & Why to Start Spring Cleaning with Your HVAC System, Olive Branch, Mississippi
Spring is the ideal time to throw open your doors and give your home a thorough cleaning. However, many people miss an important part of their home during this annual ritual. If your...read more
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