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What Are the Differences Between Indoor & Outdoor Residential Oil Tanks?, Ledyard, Connecticut
If you’re looking for an affordable and efficient way to stay warm at home, an oil heating system is fantastic. It’s safe, stable, and burns much more efficiently than other forms of fuel. Having one gives homeowners a certain of level o...read more
3 Tips for Improving Indoor Air Quality, Stonington, Connecticut
Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can have a negative impact on your mental and physical health. It can reduce energy levels, affect concentration, and cause respiratory issues. If you’re looking to improve the IAQ of your home, consider a f...read more
Waterford, CT Heating & Air Businesses
Andersen Oil Company, Heating & Air, home heating, Heating, Ledyard, Connecticut
Superior service, quality workmanship, and a loyal customer base; these are some of the qualities that Andersen Oil Company has come to be known by. With over 45 years of experience servicing oil heating systems and offering se...
Duncklee Cooling & Heating Inc, HVAC Services, Air Conditioning, Heating & Air, Stonington, Connecticut
296 Taugwonk Rd
Stonington, CT 06378
(860) 535-2552
Duncklee Cooling & Heating is the premier HVAC company in Stonington, CT. For over 40 years, this family owned and operated business has provided the Eastern Connecticut and Rhode Island area with top-notch heating and cooling servic...
Arc-Tec Service, HVAC Services, Commercial Refrigeration, Heating & Air, Waterford, Connecticut
(860) 437-8904
When you own a restaurant or another business that requires a commercial kitchen, you want to be secure in your knowledge that your equipment is not only of the highest quality but was installed correctly. Place your trust in Arc-Tec Ser...
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5 Reasons to Install an Energy-Efficient HVAC System, Stonington, Connecticut
The average lifespan for an HVAC system is between ten and twenty years. If the system in your home is getting older, it may be time to think about upgrading it—and when you do, you ...read more
What You Need to Know About Heating Oil & Fuel Additives, Ledyard, Connecticut
When it comes to the fuel used for your home heating system, there’s more to consider than just the base heating oil itself. Fuel additives may have a significant impact on the perfo...read more
4 Do's & Don'ts For Heating Your Home, Stonington, Connecticut
With temperatures dropping outdoors, heating your home properly is crucial to the health and comfort of you and your family. Mishandling HVAC systems, however, can result in some cos...read more
What are the Perks of Gas Furnaces?, Stonington, Connecticut
Are you thinking of replacing your electrical heating system for an all-new natural gas furnace? From increased indoor comfort to lower utility bills, there are variou...read more
Your HVAC Provider’s Top 5 Winter Insulation Tips, Stonington, Connecticut
If you want to save on HVAC costs and enjoy a more comfortable home, you may not need to upgrade your furnace or heat pump. Instead, adding extra insulation to your home can slo...read more
Does Home Heating Oil Expire?, Ledyard, Connecticut
Heating oil remains one of the most popular ways for homeowners to keep their living space warm and cozy through the winter months. For those who use this fuel source, it’s common to...read more
How You Can Prevent Home Overheating in Winter, Stonington, Connecticut
In many areas of the country, it’s necessary to keep HVAC equipment running non-stop to combat winter’s chilly temperatures. The heat from the sun, however, could seep inside th...read more
4 Ways to Avoid Burst Pipes This Winter, Ledyard, Connecticut
No homeowner wants to deal with the headache and expense of burst pipes in winter. There are a few smart ways to keep your pipes safe from the cold, whether by stocking up on fuel fo...read more
3 Noises That Indicate Oil Furnace Trouble, Ledyard, Connecticut
If you have an oil furnace, your heating system may make noise from time to time. Older oil furnaces are especially prone to low rumbling or humming. Still, not all noises ...read more
5 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Costs This Winter, Stonington, Connecticut
During the winter, it’s not uncommon for Connecticut residents to experience below-freezing temperatures. And, while cranking up the furnace can offer relief from the cold, many home...read more
4 Ways to Save Money on Oil Heating Systems This Fall, Ledyard, Connecticut
Before the arrival of cooler temperatures, you’ll want to ensure your home is ready for the cold weather. For houses that rely on oil heating systems for warmth, preparing now can he...read more
3 Best Reasons to Have Your Furnace Checked Before Winter, Stonington, Connecticut
When winter is approaching, you should do whatever you can to ensure your furnace is ready to handle the demands of Connecticut’s cold. The best way to do this is to hire a contracto...read more
3 Signs Your Commercial Refrigeration Needs Repair, Old Saybrook, Connecticut
Countless businesses rely on commercial refrigeration to keep their products safe. The systems run constantly, cooling and preserving perishable goods. With so much use, it’s no...read more
How Often Should Your Furnace Filter Be Replaced?, Stonington, Connecticut
Knowing when to replace your furnace filter will help prevent damage and inefficiency in your HVAC system during the winter. When you need heat the most, it’s essential that the furn...read more
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