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Heating Safety Tips From an HVAC Services Expert, Birmingham, Alabama
Even the most powerful of heating systems sometimes need a bit of help during the frigid temperatures of winter. But if you do decide to rely on these auxiliary sources of heat in your home, being safe is a top priority. From fireplaces ...read more
3 Heating Repair Services to Help You Get Ready for Winter, Birmingham, Alabama
During the winter, many people rely on their heating systems to keep their home warm and cozy. However, if the system requires any repairs or maintenance, it might break down on the coldest night. That’s why you should always remember to...read more
Birmingham, AL Heating & Air Businesses
Alabama Cooling & Heating, Air Conditioning Contractors, HVAC Services, Heating & Air, Birmingham, Alabama
904 Catherine St., Suite 101
Birmingham, AL 35215
(205) 980-8180
Keep your home or business comfortable year round with heating and cooling services from Alabama Cooling & Heating. Serving the Birmingham and surrounding areas for nearly 25 years, this locally owned and operated heating and air con...
Simple Comfort Heating and Cooling, LLC, Air Conditioning Repair, HVAC Services, Heating & Air, Moody, Alabama
904 Park Ave
Moody, AL 35004
Anytime you require heating or central air conditioner repairs, Simple Comfort Heating and Cooling is always up for the task. Providing 24/7 HVAC service in Moody, AL, and the surrounding areas, this premier company is the top choic...
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3 Winter Maintenance Tips from Heating Repair Professionals, Birmingham, Alabama
Having the heat cut out during the height of winter can be aggravating; but don’t worry, Alabama Cooling & Heating in Birmingham wants you to know there are steps you can ta...read more
Heating and Cooling Professionals Share 3 Tips to Heat Your Home Efficiently, Birmingham, Alabama
You want to save on your utility bill, but you also want to be comfortable. There’s a way you can do both. Alabama Cooling & Heating in Birmingham knows all about keeping homes w...read more
3 Ways to Reduce Your Heating and Cooling Bills This Winter, Birmingham, Alabama
Winter is just around the corner, and that means you’ll start relying on your home’s heating and cooling system every day. For many homeowners, this increase in use can lead to a spi...read more
Home Heating Repair Gurus Share 5 Winter Prep Tips, Birmingham, Alabama
Before the colder temperatures arrive, now is the perfect time to prepare your home for the winter. With a few proactive measures, you can reap rewards in the form of ...read more
HVAC Services Recommend 3 Energy-Efficient Tips for Fall , Birmingham, Alabama
Fall is the perfect time to save money on your utility bills. With cooling weather, you can keep the air conditioner off without being uncomfortable. However, that is not the only wa...read more
4 Top-Quality Brands of Central Air Units, Birmingham, Alabama
There’s nothing quite like ducking into a perfectly cooled home on a sweltering day and, for many, central air units are the source of that respite from the heat. For homeowners look...read more
What You Can Expect During Your Routine HVAC Services, Birmingham, Alabama
Regular HVAC services are recommended by all heating and cooling specialists because the maintenance practices can aid in your energy efficiency goals while providing system longevit...read more
Why You Need Air Conditioner Maintenance, Birmingham, Alabama
Your air conditioner is the key to keeping your home comfortable, so when it breaks down, you want the quickest possible fix. But in most cases, the best solution is to schedule regu...read more
The Top 5 Benefits of Upgrading to a Central Air Unit, Birmingham, Alabama
The best way to ensure a comfortable temperature indoors during hot and cold spells is to maintain uniform heating and cooling in every part of your house. That’s something you can a...read more
What Size HVAC System Do You Need for Your Home?, Birmingham, Alabama
If your air conditioner is too small for your home, it won't keep your family cool. Moreover, it will run continuously, and you'll pay more for utility bills. If it's too large, it w...read more
Understanding How Your Air Conditioner Works, Birmingham, Alabama
A good air conditioner can render a room freezing, even on a 90° day. It’s clearly more powerful than a fan. But how, exactly? Originally invented over a hundred years ago,...read more
Heating & Cooling Professionals Explain Where to Place HVAC Vents, Birmingham, Alabama
There’s nothing quite like the comfort of knowing that your heating and cooling system is working properly. Without a functional HVAC unit that efficiently heats and cools when you n...read more
Beat the Summer Heat With These 3 Air Conditioner Tips, Birmingham, Alabama
When temperatures skyrocket, you need your air conditioner more than ever. Since the sweltering Alabama heat can kick your AC unit into overdrive, special care needs to be taken...read more
Why You Need to Change Your Air Conditioning Filter, Birmingham, Alabama
How often do you change the filter in your air conditioner? If you can't remember the last time you changed it, you may be putting your family at risk for adverse health conditions a...read more
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