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3 Ways to Reduce Moisture in the Home, ,
When environmental factors such as wet weather conditions cause excess humidity, it can cause moisture in your home. While low levels of moisture aren't a cause for alarm, too much humidity can form condensation on your more
5 Ways to Protect a Basement From Mold, ,
Due to their underground location, basements may develop damp and dirty conditions that spark the growth of mold. Fortunately, you can take steps to reduce the need for mold removal in your basement. Here’s some more
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Do You Need Mold Testing? 3 Health Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore, ,
Cold and flu season is never fun, but when your symptoms extend through the holidays, into the spring, and then during the hot days of summer, those seasonal viruses might not more
Cincinnati Mold Removal Experts Explain Why Mold Grows in Bathrooms, ,
Mold requires a few specific catalysts for its development. Most importantly, there must be ample moisture for it to grow, but warmth and darkness can also facilitate its growth. more
Why Professional Asbestos Removal Is So Crucial, ,
The presence of asbestos is something to take very seriously, as it is potentially life-threatening to all who encounter it without proper safety gear. For that reason, when it more
5 Common Signs of Mold in Basements , ,
The signs of mold in basements can manifest in various ways. Homeowners might witness a broad range of mold symptoms before even spotting the mold itself. While some are easier to more
Home Inspector Lists 5 Ways to Differentiate Molds From Mildew, ,
Molds and mildew can both be detrimental to your health. They may trigger allergic reactions, respiratory problems, or in the case of black mold, release spores that can be toxic. more
5 Common Areas Needing Mold Removal in Homes, ,
Mold can grow anywhere and can attack virtually any part of your home. From drywall to tile, beneath carpets and even within appliances, no place is immune to mold development. more
Ask Mold Removal Experts: How Mold Enters Your Home's Insulation, ,
No homeowner wants to find mold and mildew growing on their home’s insulation. According to the team at Rainbow Environmental Services, mold thrives in muggy indoor conditions more
How to Check for Mold When Looking at Potential Homes, ,
There are many things to consider when buying a home. You want to secure a loan from the bank, make sure the property is in a neighborhood you like, all while thoroughly checking& more
Mold Testing Experts Share Ways to Determine Indoor Air Quality, ,
Maintaining healthy indoor air is imperative for individuals suffering from chronic allergies. But how can you find out whether your home’s interior environment is suitable for an more
Why You Should Schedule Your Mold Testing Before Spring, ,
Spring is growing season for your lawn and garden, but the warm weather and moisture also promote the growth of mold inside your home. As soon as the mercury starts to rise, mold more
Asbestos Removal Experts Explain How to Tell if Your Home May Have Asbestos, ,
Asbestos is an odorless substance that can’t be identified by sight alone. While it’s impossible to test for it without scientific equipment, there are a few signs it could be more
3 Harmful Effects of Asbestos Exposure, ,
If your residential or commercial property was constructed before the 1980s, chances are asbestos is one of its major building components. Considering asbestos exposure is linked to more
3 Times Mold Removal Might Be Necessary in Your Home, ,
The weather conditions created during the winter months are ideal for increased mold growth inside and outside the home. At Rainbow Environmental Services in Cincinnati, OH, they more
3 Identification Tips for Asbestos Removal on Furnaces & HVAC Ducts, ,
Asbestos removal is a serious concern, especially in older buildings with outdated HVAC systems. Aging ductwork that hasn't been properly inspected has the potential to spread more
Your Winter Mold Removal Guide From Rainbow Environmental Services, ,
Finding mold in your home or office during the winter months isn’t uncommon. In fact, increased humidity and higher indoor temperatures create ideal conditions for spores to attach more
What Is Lead-Based Paint Removal?, ,
Lead-based paint is known for its harmful health effects, especially for children. If your home has this poisonous substance on the walls, the safest way to deal with it is to get more
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