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3 Ways to Reduce Moisture in the Home, ,
When environmental factors such as wet weather conditions cause excess humidity, it can cause moisture in your home. While low levels of moisture aren't a cause for alarm, too much humidity can form condensation on your more
5 Ways to Protect a Basement From Mold, ,
Due to their underground location, basements may develop damp and dirty conditions that spark the growth of mold. Fortunately, you can take steps to reduce the need for mold removal in your basement. Here’s some more
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Top 3 Problems Your Home Inspector Should Catch, ,
Buying a home is a huge investment. That’s why it’s critical to get a thorough home inspection before you finalize a purchase. According to the team of environmental specialists at more
The Truth Behind 5 Myths About Lead Paint, ,
The dangers of lead paint are well known, and opting for lead-based paint removal will improve the safety of your home or business. There are a few persistent myths about more
How to Identify & Handle Lead Paint, ,
Once popular for its glossy sheen and ability to hold color, lead paint was revealed to be a hazard when scientists discovered that lead caused a host of health problems. Today, more
4 Signs You Need Asbestos Removal, ,
The idea of finding asbestos in your home can be terrifying, but it’s safest that you know for certain. In Cincinnati, OH, conscientious homeowners look to Rainbow Environmental more
3 Tips to Prevent Mold at Home , ,
Mold refers to a wide variety of fungi that thrives in damp, humid environments. Indoor mold tends to flourish during the wintertime as people shut the windows and switch on more
How Black Mold Can Impact Your Health, ,
Do you suffer from spring allergies? One of the worst culprits of the season is black mold. This unsightly growth remains dormant during the cold winter months, which can make it more
Home Inspector's Guide to 4 Most Dangerous Molds, ,
When you’re purchasing or selling a home, there are several steps to take to ensure the property is ready, including checking for mold. Home inspectors visit the property and more
How to Prevent Black Mold in Your Home This Spring, ,
Have you noticed any black mold in your home this year? If so, it’s imperative that you bring in a mold removal professional immediately. However, there are steps you can take to more
3 Major Dangers of Removing Black Mold by Yourself, ,
As a homeowner, black mold is the last thing you want to discover in your living space. Its toxic spores spread quickly, posing harmful health issues, reducing& more
A Home Inspector Offers 3 Surprising Facts About Mold, ,
Mold in the home can have a range of detrimental effects. Not only can it damage fixtures and ruin visual appeal, but it can also affect the health of you and your loved ones. The more
Local Mold Removal Expert Shares 3 Interesting Facts About Mold, ,
Many homes develop mold from moisture buildup. These organisms commonly grow in the bathroom, kitchen, and basement. It’s a good idea to know a bit about how and where the more
A Cincinnati Home Inspector on the Difference Between Mold & Rust, ,
For many homes in Cincinnati, OH, the presence of mold or rust is not an uncommon occurrence. However, being able to tell the difference between mold and rust is crucial when it more
What Is Asbestos & Why Is Asbestos Removal Important?, ,
Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral substance that was used in the industrial world for decades due to its fire, electrical, and heat resistance. It was once referred to as more
5 Ways to Solve Mold Problems in Your Attic , ,
Commonly caused by the accumulation of excessive moisture, mold is prone to growing in small spaces with poor ventilation. These organisms can be detrimental to a dwelling and more
DIY vs. Professional Mold Removal: Which Is Right for You?, ,
Many homeowners seek out DIY alternatives for projects around the home to save money. Yet, there are some instances in which it’s best to hire professionals. If you’ve recently more
Home Inspector Shares Tips to Keep Mold From Growing in Your Home This Winter, ,
Contrary to what some might think, the winter season actually increases the likelihood of mold growth due to the presence of condensation. Before turning on the heat for winter, more
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