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3 Tips for Using Ready-Mix Concrete, Cameron, North Carolina
Ready-mix concrete is an easy-to-use, versatile product. Prepped and measured at a plant, it’s delivered in the exact quantity needed. There’s no need to deal with cement mixers or trying to judge proper consistency. This makes it more
How to Maintain Your Sandbox, Cameron, North Carolina
Children can learn a variety of skills by playing in sandboxes. Whether they draw figures in the sand with their fingers, build castles, or bury their toys, sandboxes allow children to engage all of their senses, exercise more
Raleigh, NC Stone Sand & Clay Businesses
Weeks Sand & Concrete, Concrete Supplier, Stone Sand & Clay, Cameron, North Carolina
20710 NC Highway 24-27
Cameron, NC 28326
(919) 499-4272
Serving Cameron, NC, and the surrounding areas since 1984, Weeks Sand & Concrete is the sand & concrete company of choice for commercial, industrial, and residential customers. With quality products and excellent custom...
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4 Tips for Installing Golf Course Bunkers, Cameron, North Carolina
Bunkers add extra obstacles and directional clarity to golf courses. If you’re in charge of building or renovating a course, adding these features requires careful planning. more
A Guide to Creating a Backyard Zen Garden, Cameron, North Carolina
If you’re looking for ways to transform your backyard into a relaxing oasis, you might consider adding a Zen garden. This type of sand-based garden was popularized in Japan and is more
A Guide to Ordering Ready-Mix Concrete, Cameron, North Carolina
Whether you're pouring a concrete patio or a beautiful new driveway, it's important to prepare in advance. However, preparation includes more than having the right equipment and more
What's the Difference Between Topsoil & Garden Soil?, Cameron, North Carolina
Whether you’re designing a retaining wall garden or a new front yard, the existing soil may not be enough to sustain plantings. Luckily, there are a number of products on the market more
5 Benefits of Building Patios Using Ready Mix Concrete, Cameron, North Carolina
A backyard patio is a great home addition because it gives you more usable outdoor living space that is perfect for entertaining guests. However, one factor you need more
How to Pick the Best Bunker Sand for Your Golf Course, Cameron, North Carolina
As most golf fans know, a bunker is a strategic part of the game, and the type of sand used to create one makes a big difference in a player’s performance. more
5 Home Uses for Ready-Mix Concrete, Cameron, North Carolina
Solid, durable, and long-lasting, concrete is a versatile building block that can be used for just about any construction project. Ready-mix concrete, in particular, is inexpensive more
How to Prevent Concrete Burns, Cameron, North Carolina
Ready-mix concrete gives contractors and construction workers a very efficient option for completing concrete projects. It’s fairly easy to work with, but does come with some risks more
How to Pour Ready-Mix Concrete in the Winter, Cameron, North Carolina
Although outdoor improvement projects are commonly performed during spring and summer, it’s not unusual for contractors to tackle some jobs in the winter, despite the challenges more
Do's and Don'ts of Working with Concrete in the Winter, Cameron, North Carolina
Buildings and concrete projects continue throughout winter. However, special consideration must be given when working with concrete in cold weather as a slab can gain or more
Understanding Topsoil Sand, Cameron, North Carolina
If you’re a gardening or landscaping enthusiast, you know that not all soil is the same. Different plants thrive in different conditions, and the make-up of your soil can more
A Brief Guide to Mortar Mixes, Cameron, North Carolina
The right type of mortar mixture plays a major role in the quality of your construction project. The substance is used to construct units made with stones, bricks, and blocks more
What Causes Concrete to Crack?, Cameron, North Carolina
Ready-mix concrete is a strong, durable material. However, over time, the mix may crack and leave unsightly, potentially dangerous cracks in the pavement. Here is more
3 Tips for Using Ready Mix Concrete in the Heat, Cameron, North Carolina
Ready mix concrete is a crucial component of any major construction project because it’s a relatively easy mixture to work with. However, there are extra precautions more
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