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3 Benefits of Asphalt Sealcoating, Wasilla, Alaska
As a business owner, you want to treat your customers to a quality experience from start to finish. If that experience starts with an uneven and bumpy drive to your front door, however, you’re already off to a rough start. But by more
The Top Do's & Don'ts of Asphalt Maintenance, Wasilla, Alaska
Asphalt maintenance is essential to keep the pavement in optimal condition and prevent premature degrading. Thankfully, knowing what to do and not to do on pavement will make caring for your parking lot or driveway more effective more
Matanuska-Susitna, AK Paving Contractors Businesses
MJM Services, Asphalt Seal Coating, Asphalt Paving, Paving Contractors, Wasilla, Alaska
(907) 376-5222
In Alaska, getting from one place to another can be a difficult task. At MJM Services, they understand the importance of their work and pride themselves on giving clients throughout Wasilla and Anchorage reliable paving and sealcoating s...
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Why You Should Care About Potholes in Your Parking Lot, Wasilla, Alaska
Your business’ storefront is probably well-polished because you know that first impressions matter. Before they even reach the door, though, customers have made a judgment about more
5 Benefits of Replacing Gravel With an Asphalt Driveway, Wasilla, Alaska
Gravel driveways are relatively inexpensive and durable, but they’re also difficult to maintain, erode quickly, and can be rough on your vehicle. On hot days, the tiny rocks can more
Answers to 4 Asphalt Driveway Maintenance Questions, Wasilla, Alaska
The condition of your asphalt driveway impacts the functionality of your yard and the overall value of the property. Crumbling pavement is also a major liability, as mail carriers, more
3 Pet Safety Tips for Walking on Hot Asphalt, Wasilla, Alaska
Summer is a perfect time to enjoy the outdoors with your pet. However, excessive heat can sometimes lead to painful or dangerous situations for dogs, particularly when it comes to more
4 Types of Cracks That Are Common for Asphalt, Wasilla, Alaska
Asphalt is a sturdy, long-lasting material. Even so, cracks can form over time. The best way to preserve the appearance of the property is to become familiar with the four most more
3 Ways Summer Heat Affects Asphalt, Wasilla, Alaska
Asphalt is a dependable material that is often used in the construction of parking lots and driveways. Extreme weather can take its toll on the surface over time, however. While more
How a Worn Commercial Driveway or Parking Lot Is a Liability, Wasilla, Alaska
The condition of your asphalt driveway and parking lot play a major role in the public perception of your business. If it’s in a state of disrepair, it can pose a threat to both more
A Guide to Building a Basketball Court in Your Backyard, Wasilla, Alaska
Whether you’re a basketball enthusiast or love to play with the kids whenever you get a chance, you may be interested in building a court in your backyard. This isn’t quite the more
3 Fun Games to Play on Asphalt, Wasilla, Alaska
An asphalt surface is a great place for children to play and express themselves. Whether it’s a driveway or hardscape in your yard, you’ll find the addition gives them plenty of more
The Do's & Don'ts of Protecting Asphalt Parking Lots from UV Rays, Wasilla, Alaska
Constant exposure to the elements can put asphalt parking lots at serious risk of premature wear. The extreme heat from the sun breaks down the chemical bonds holding more
3 Benefits of Bike Paths in Your Neighborhood, Wasilla, Alaska
Supporting the creation of bike paths in your neighborhood is important. Not only will it encourage residents to become more active, but it also allows them to do so safely more
How to Keep Residential Paving Looking Its Best, Wasilla, Alaska
If you oversee a homeowner’s association or a neighborhood group, you know that maintenance is very important for preserving property values. Part of that includes investing in more
Why Restaurants Should Maintain The Exterior Asphalt Paving, Wasilla, Alaska
When operating a restaurant, there are a myriad of expenses to consider, such as the cost of food, labor, and occupancy overhead. However, what some owners underestimate is the more
Is Asphalt Road Salt Harmful to Dogs?, Wasilla, Alaska
When the temperatures start to drop, you may start to wish your dog was toilet-trained. However, in addition to doing their business, they also need to go outside for fresh air, more
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