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What Causes Basement Cracks?, Lebanon, Ohio
Cracks in your basement floor can be unsightly, but they’re not always cause for major concern. Depending on the cause of the problem, you may need or want to get professional concrete crack repair to improve aesthetics and prevent more
The Link Between Clogged Gutters & Foundation Repair, Lebanon, Ohio
Your home’s foundation plays a major role in ensuring the safety and security of the overall structure. As such, understanding what could potentially put it at risk is crucial. Not only will this help you take preventive measures, but more
Lebanon, OH Foundation Repairs Businesses
Cincinnati Basement Waterproofing & Drainage, Drainage Contractors, Basement Waterproofing, Foundation Repairs, Lebanon, Ohio
(513) 898-9723
Are you tired of spending hours mopping up excess water in your basement after each heavy rainfall? Put the mop down and contact the team at Cincinnati Basement Waterproofing & Drainage located in Lebanon, OH. With more than 30 ...
Hydra-Ject, Inc., Waterproofing Contractors, Foundation Repairs, Foundation & Concrete Supplies, Lebanon, Ohio
139 Harmon Ave, Suite B
Lebanon, OH 45036
(513) 615-5456
Signs of cracking in the basement floors and foundation of your home may seem harmless at first, but they may be quite ominous. This cracking can be the result of water damage and if not treated early, could lead to costly repairs and re...
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FAQ About Home Egress Window Installations, Lebanon, Ohio
There is considerable detail when planning a new home construction, so you may not consider the egress window installation. These specialty windows are crucial for avoiding building more
What Can I Do About Basement Flooding After a Storm?, Lebanon, Ohio
If you struggle with a leaky basement after a significant storm, you’re not alone. Many homeowners experience this issue, which can be inconvenient as well as costly. more
3 Benefits of Brick Sealing a Home's Exterior, Lebanon, Ohio
Brick is timeless in appearance and highly durable. It also serves as excellent insulation from the elements and improves energy efficiency. However, bricks erode more
5 Benefits of Waterproofing a Basement, Lebanon, Ohio
Although a basement for many homeowners is merely a storage space, it shouldn’t be ignored. Water, a leading cause of damage to homes, tends to drain into a home’s lowest more
A Guide to Concrete Lifting , Lebanon, Ohio
Over time, the soil underneath your home’s concrete slabs will settle and cause them to become uneven. This can create structural problems and tripping hazards on your property. more
3 Signs You Need Foundation Repair, Lebanon, Ohio
Concrete lasts for decades if you take care of it properly, but nature has many ways to interfere. Heavy rains and snow, extreme heat, and freezing cold affect concrete and the soil more
A Guide to Bowed Basement Walls and How to Prevent Them, Lebanon, Ohio
Since a home is a significant investment for many people, any damage to the property is a serious issue, but one of the most concerning problems occurs with the more
3 Common Signs of Foundation Damage, Lebanon, Ohio
When your home’s foundation fails or shifts, the damage may be devastating. If you learn to recognize the signs of damage, you can have foundation repair service before costlier more
4 Ways to Tell If Your Home Has Water Damage, Lebanon, Ohio
Damage from a leaky basement, which may be particularly damaging to your home’s foundation, can be costly to repair if not swiftly addressed. Water can destroy property, erode more
The Dangers of Poor Yard Drainage & How to Prevent Them, Lebanon, Ohio
While your home may keep you safe from the elements, it’s not immune to environmental risks. For example, a property with poor drainage can suffer a number of consequences, more
3 Benefits of Brick Sealing, Lebanon, Ohio
Although bricks are relatively strong and durable, they are subject to wear as they age. Because they're porous, water and grit may damage them. Furthermore, moisture that seeps more
The Top 4 Signs of Yard Drainage Problems, Lebanon, Ohio
Yard draining problems often arise when your property doesn’t have the right amount of slope, or when gutters and downspouts are clogged or nonexistent. Without proper drainage, more
An Introduction to Sump Pumps, Lebanon, Ohio
A sump pump is a device that automatically removes water from the low-lying areas of a home, such as a basement or crawlspace. Having a sump pump reduces the risk of water damage more
What You Need to Know About Leaky Basements, Lebanon, Ohio
When water seeps into your home and leads to a leaky basement, it does more than make the space damp and musty. Where moisture lingers, mold, which impacts the health of more
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