Fire & Water Damage Repair in Georgia

Georgia Fire & Water Damage Repair

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Georgia Fire & Water Damage Repair Businesses
Serclean Inc, Mold Testing and Remediation, Water Damage Restoration, Fire & Water Damage Repair, Richmond Hill, Georgia
10950 Ford Ave.
Richmond Hill, GA 31324
(912) 459-1981
As Savannah's #1 Indoor Environmental Professionals, Serclean Inc. offers primary disaster recovery services including smoke and fire damage cleanup, water damage repair, mold abatement, and chemical decontamination. In addition, th...
What Does Slab Leak Repair Involve?, Richmond Hill, Georgia
A slab leak occurs when water leaks below a home’s concrete foundation. While identifying the exact source of the leak is challenging without the help of professionals, warning more
How to Salvage Items When You Have Water Damage in Your Home, Richmond Hill, Georgia
Water damage is a frustrating and costly occurrence for anyone—it’s always difficult to lose even minor possessions. If you’ve experienced flooding in your home, it’s more
Does Living in a Subtropical Climate Affect Mold Growth?, Richmond Hill, Georgia
A variety of molds are found in homes across the country, many of which are harmful to residents. It’s worth paying attention to conditions where you live, however—geography and more
A Comprehensive Overview of the Asbestos Abatement Process, Richmond Hill, Georgia
Prior to the late 1970s, asbestos was a common ingredient of insulation, cement, and paint materials for residential and commercial construction. Unfortunately, it was more
Is There Black Mold Inside Your Walls?, Richmond Hill, Georgia
When it comes to household fungi, most people are familiar with the green fibers that grow on old bread, or the grey splotches on the inside of an old shower curtain. However, black more
5 Tips for Dealing With Your Insurance Provider After Water Damage, Richmond Hill, Georgia
Whether it’s natural flooding or leaking pipes, water damage to your home is a major issue. While many homeowners insurance policies will provide some kind of protection for the more
A Concise Guide to the Fire Restoration Process, Richmond Hill, Georgia
Experiencing a property fire can leave you feeling shaken and overwhelmed. To regain control and move on from the incident, you’ll want to return your home to its former condition more
A Concise Guide to Water Damage Repair, Richmond Hill, Georgia
Whether due to a severe storm or plumbing leak, a flooded home is a nightmare no homeowner wants to deal with. If your home has flooded, however, a water damage remediation company more
What Every Homeowner Should Know About Asbestos, Richmond Hill, Georgia
Asbestos is a highly toxic group of fibrous minerals that were once widely used in almost every industry in America, from manufacturing to home construction. Although today use is more
5 Steps to Take After a House Fire, Richmond Hill, Georgia
A house fire is a traumatic experience and can leave you upset and anxious afterward. The idea of moving on might seem like an impossible feat right now, but it doesn’t more
5 Ways to Lower Humidity in Your Home This Summer, Richmond Hill, Georgia
A little humidity is necessary to keep the air in your home comfortable, but too much is a problem. When your home is full of moisture, it condenses on walls and other surfaces, more
5 Types of Dangerous Mold, Richmond Hill, Georgia
While toxic black mold gets considerable attention due to its adverse health effects, it’s not the only fungal strain that’s dangerous to humans. It takes as little as 48 hours for more
3 Tips for Cleaning Smoke-Damaged Furniture, Richmond Hill, Georgia
The smallest fire can generate a large amount of smoke and leave your furniture reeking of ash. At first, smoke-damaged furniture may seem destined for the trash, but there are& more
5 Warning Signs of a Slab Leak, Richmond Hill, Georgia
A slab leak is no simple matter to resolve—when left unaddressed for long, it can lead to extensive structural damage and thousands of dollars in repair costs. Early detection more
How Smoke Damages Your Home, Richmond Hill, Georgia
The harmful effects of smoke damage in the home can’t be understated. From staining to corrosion and contamination, smoke can cause significant problems for homeowners. For more
4 Tips for Keeping Mold Out of Your Home, Richmond Hill, Georgia
Lurking in the dark, damp corners in homes and businesses, mold is an unwanted guest. If left to flourish, these bacteria spores can trigger health problems and cause costly more