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Anchorage County, AK Electric Motor Repair

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A Quick Guide to Commutators , Anchorage, Alaska
Electric motor maintenance involves learning about the different parts and how they contribute to the motor’s function. Here, learn about commutators and what makes them essential to electric motors. You’ll learn what problems commu...read more
Guide to Brushed vs. Brushless DC Motors , Anchorage, Alaska
Motors that utilize direct current (DC) often fall under two categories: brushed and brushless. While the two are similar in construction and function, they have different handling capacities and require different electric motor maintena...read more
Anchorage County, AK Electric Motor Repair Businesses
United Electric Motors, Emergency Services, Generator Service & Repair, Electric Motor Repair, Anchorage, Alaska
106 E Dowling Rd
Anchorage, AK 99518
(907) 563-5232
Your electric motors and backup generators are critical to the sustained operation of your company, as well as to heating your home in the demanding climate of the Alaskan frontier. When these systems shut down, you need a dependable com...
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A Brief Guide to the Types of Electric Motors, Anchorage, Alaska
Electric motors create mechanical energy by converting electrical currents into force. A wide variety of appliances and vehicles operate with the help of electric motors such as boat...read more
FAQ About Stepper Motors, Anchorage, Alaska
Most industries rely on heavy-duty equipment run by electric motors. Knowing what kinds your business utilizes will help you stay on top of maintenance and seek out early motor ...read more
A Guide to Rotor Bar Cracks in Electric Motors, Anchorage, Alaska
Rotor bars are components of electric motors typically made from copper, aluminum, or brass. They interact with the radial flux wave to produce the motor’s driving torque. While ...read more
Should You Repair or Replace Your Boat Generator?, Anchorage, Alaska
Like car alternators, boat generators supply vessel batteries with power to run the motor and all other battery-using components such as the interior and exterior lights. Unlike cars...read more
3 Ways to Improve Your Boat Generator’s Longevity, Anchorage, Alaska
Whether it’s a fishing boat, trawler, cabin cruiser, or yacht, if you own a marine vessel, you know that maintenance is essential. Boat generators are integral to your vessel’s&...read more
A Guide to Choosing a Boat Generator, Anchorage, Alaska
As much as you might like communing with nature out on the open water, there are probably some modern appliances that you miss from land. With a boat generator, you can power an air ...read more
What to Look for When Purchasing a Boat Generator, Anchorage, Alaska
Your boat generator provides electrical power to your watercraft. However, towards the end of its life, it may start exhibiting worrisome symptoms like running through fuel...read more
Electric Motor Maintenance & Other Steps to Reduce Production Downtime, Anchorage, Alaska
If your business hinges on manufacturing, then you know how important it is to minimize downtime. A machine breakdown, automation system malfunction, or a lack of manpower could...read more
A Guide to Voltage Production for Factory Equipment, Anchorage, Alaska
From generators to forklifts, much of the industrial equipment in your factory is powered by electric motors. Failing to understand voltage requirements for each machine can slow dow...read more
3 Tips to Ensure Your Generator Is Ready for an Emergency, Anchorage, Alaska
Generators refer to devices that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy; they are a backup power source for homeowners and business owners in an emergency outage. Whil...read more
Why Invest in Energy Efficient Motors for Your Factory Equipment, Anchorage, Alaska
Saving money and lowering your carbon footprint is part of running a successful business. This is why energy-efficient electric motors have become the new standard across countl...read more
3 Industries Most Affected by Power Outages, Anchorage, Alaska
All businesses require a reliable power source to operate. Whether it’s to keep the machinery going or to ensure employees are connected to online services, it’s essential ...read more
How Blackouts & Brownouts Can Affect Your Business, Anchorage, Alaska
In this digital age, power is essential to your business’s operations. From the computers that keep track of your sensitive data to the machinery that manufactures your product, ...read more
3 Steps for Maintaining Your Commercial Generator , Anchorage, Alaska
If the power goes out due to a storm or blackout, your business could suffer thousands of dollars in lost productivity. To keep key machinery running during an outage, it’s helpful t...read more
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