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3 Benefits of Open Ceilings, Clarksville, Arkansas
Every building needs support for its roof and ceiling. When trusses provide this support, there’s an opportunity to choose an open ceiling design. More than just a style trend, exposed trusses offer many benefits in h...read more
3 Benefits of Rendering Software for Construction Projects, Clarksville, Arkansas
When planning a residential construction project, there’s much to consider, including practical value and aesthetic appeal. If your builders use a rendering software, you’ll bring both aspects together in a clear and satisfying...read more
Clarksville, AR Heavy Construction Equipment Businesses
H & H Construction, Building Materials, Heavy Construction Equipment, Building Materials & Supplies, Clarksville, Arkansas
9591 Hwy 103
Clarksville, AR 72830
(479) 754-4999
Wood truss systems are often used in floor and roof systems for residential, commercial and institutional structures. For more than six decades, the modern engineered wood truss system has dominated the construction industry. At H & ...
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4 Questions to Ask Your Building Materials Supplier, Clarksville, Arkansas
When undertaking a construction project, the finished product will only be as good as the building materials you use. Working with the right materials provider is essential to your s...read more
A Guide to Using Wood in Commercial Building Projects, Clarksville, Arkansas
Heavy timber has been used in building construction throughout history. These wood frame systems are versatile and economical. They’re used to achieve a variety of commerci...read more
How Is Timber Made?, Clarksville, Arkansas
Building materials like timber have to be high quality to ensure long-term durability. Before wood can be used for construction, it must first be processed. This involves several ste...read more
4 FAQ About Wooden Roof Trusses, Clarksville, Arkansas
Roof trusses are building components that provide stability and structure in residential and commercial construction. Typically made from wood and known by their identifiable triangu...read more
5 Tips for Framing a House, Clarksville, Arkansas
From building the foundation to installing electrical fixtures, home construction is hard work. Building a sturdy frame is essential to the strength of the structure and the design o...read more
3 Advantages of Pole Buildings, Clarksville, Arkansas
When you are planning a construction project, you typically have two primary options: a traditional stick building or a pole building. Both are durable, versatile, and safe...read more
What’s the Difference Between Wood Trusses & Rafters?, Clarksville, Arkansas
Wood trusses and rafters are key components in home construction, providing structural support and framing the shape of the roof. However, that’s where their similarities end. Each b...read more
5 Benefits of Wood Trusses, Clarksville, Arkansas
When constructing a new roof, contractors have many options on how they choose to support the weight, but one of the most common is wood trusses. These structural frameworks create a...read more
5 FAQ About Wood Trusses, Clarksville, Arkansas
If you are in the process of building a house or commercial building, you may have been given the option to use wood trusses to complete the framing for your roof or flooring. These ...read more
A Basic Guide to Roof Trusses, Clarksville, Arkansas
If you're planning construction on a home or a commercial building, you’ll have to make a lot of decisions. The type of framing used to support the roof and floors is a critical choi...read more
3 Features to Look for in a Building Supply Company, Clarksville, Arkansas
Every successful project starts with high-quality materials. However, establishing a relationship with a trusted building supply company will help your project run mor...read more
3 Types of Bridges to Consider Building on Your Property, Clarksville, Arkansas
If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your backyard landscaping, building a bridge may be the ideal solution. This unique feature will improve both the function and appeal of your...read more
4 Advantages of Installing a Steel Roof, Clarksville, Arkansas
There are many different construction materials you can choose when building or revamping a roof. One material that has gained traction in the past few years is steel. Steel is a fan...read more
3 Myths About Roof Trusses, Clarksville, Arkansas
Like all building methods, roof framing has evolved with technology and time. Today, builders often choose a stronger, more maintenance-free process that uses&nbs...read more
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