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5 Reasons Your Farm Needs an RTV, Winder, Georgia
If you need a strong, versatile vehicle that’s easy and safe to use, don’t underestimate the RTV. The acronym stands for “rough terrain vehicle,” but it only encompasses a small part of the vehicle’s capabilities. In fact, its popul...read more
A Brief Guide to Construction Loaders, Winder, Georgia
On construction sites, heavy equipment is essential to do the lifting and moving of materials like concrete, debris, dirt, sand, and lumber. A loader is one of the most useful. It’s a type of tractor that sometimes comes w...read more
Barrow, GA Heavy Construction Equipment Businesses
Gene & Matt Tractor Sales Inc, Lawn & Garden Equipment, Heavy Equipment Leasing, Heavy Construction Equipment, Winder, Georgia
652 Atlanta Hwy NW
Winder, GA 30680
(770) 867-3179
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Grass often grows fast during spring and summer, which means you’ll need more than a lawn mower to clear an overgrown field. To remove large amounts of grass from a sprawling landsca...read more
A Guide to Choosing the Best Lawn Mower for Your Property, Winder, Georgia
Spring is here, which means that your lawn is in full growth and ready for mowing. But getting the task done right starts with having the most essential piece of the l...read more
4 Tips for Safe Hay Baling This Season, Winder, Georgia
Spring is almost here, and that means hay baling season is just around the corner. For farmers, it’s an essential task that requires intensive preparations, from greasing up the ...read more
3 Types of Tractors to Consider for Your Property, Winder, Georgia
When it comes to keeping your small farm in working order, few machines make a bigger difference than tractors. These machines have long been associated with agriculture, but th...read more
3 Tips for Operating a Skid Steer, Winder, Georgia
A skid steer is a versatile piece of machinery used in many types of applications, including landscaping and construction. But this heavy equipment can also be dangerous wh...read more
3 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Tractor in Great Shape, Winder, Georgia
When you rely on a tractor for keeping the soil on your property in shape or hauling crops, it needs to be taken care of year-round. Having a maintenance checklist in place will help...read more
3 Reasons to Service Your Lawn Mower Before Spring, Winder, Georgia
When the winter arrives and the landscape goes dormant, most people don’t think twice about their lawn equipment. However, the winter is a smart time to get essential equipment ...read more
3 Simple Tips for Maintaining Tractors, Winder, Georgia
Few pieces of equipment evoke our sentiments for farming like tractors. Similar to the people who use them, this heavy equipment is built to last and provide great results, even in t...read more
4 Lawn Mowing Tips for the Rainy Season, Winder, Georgia
Wet ground conditions during the rainy season can make mowing the lawn a bit of a challenge. In addition to being difficult to cut, moist grass can damage push or riding mowers if no...read more
5 Professional Lawn Mowing Patterns to Try, Winder, Georgia
Proper lawn care is an important part of every homeowner’s schedule. While weekly mowing and purchasing quality lawn equipment are critical, understanding how to mow is just as neces...read more
3 Tips for Using a Zero-Turn Mower Effectively & Safely, Winder, Georgia
A zero-turn riding mower can turn within its own footprint, making it easier to control and drastically reducing the amount of time it takes to cut your lawn. If you already pur...read more
5 Beginner's Tips for Safely Driving a Tractor, Winder, Georgia
Farm tractors are among the most common and essential pieces of equipment in the modern agricultural industry. However, due to their size and power, they can lead to serious injuries...read more
Does My Project Need an Excavator or Backhoe?, Winder, Georgia
Choosing the right heavy equipment is essential for any construction project. For example, you may be wondering if you should use an excavator or backhoe. These pieces of equipm...read more
3 Reasons You Should Get a Zero-Turn Mower , Winder, Georgia
Whether you have a small lawn or a couple of acres, mowing can be quite a chore. Regardless, keeping your grass cut is an important part of keeping your home looking neat, so yo...read more
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