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3 Essential Safety Measures for Using a Miter Saw, Cincinnati, Ohio
If you’re embarking on a home improvement project, you might need a miter saw to complete the task. This valuable power tool is designed to simplify the woodworking process. It allows you to cut from different angles, and you...read more
FAQ About Gravel Maintenance , Ludlow, Kentucky
For homeowners who want an attractive driveway or paving material without the cost of stone or asphalt, it’s hard to beat gravel. Simple, economical, and versatile, gravel is a great way to pave an area with ease, but it will still requi...read more
Cincinnati, OH Hardware & Tools Businesses
Schulhoff Equipment Rental & Sales, Lawn & Garden Equipment, Hardware & Tools, Equipment Rental, Cincinnati, Ohio
2709 Woodburn Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45206
(513) 961-1122
When residents and business owners across the greater Cincinnati area need tools to buy or rent at an affordable price, they turn to Schulhoff Equipment Rental & Sales. This one-of-a-kind electrical supply, repair, and rental busines...
Ideal Supplies, Inc., Foundation & Concrete Supplies, Hardware & Tools, Hardware, Covington, Kentucky
512 Adela Ave
Covington, KY 41016
For over 50 years, Ideal Supplies has been the most trusted local hardware store in Ludlow, KY and the greater Cincinnati area. With a wide range of landscape tools, paints, plumbing supplies, ready mix concrete, lumber and mulch, Ideal ...
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3 Ways Gravel Improves Water Accumulation Control, Ludlow, Kentucky
Water accumulation on your landscape is typically due to ineffective drainage solutions. While it’s critical to create a proper system that effectively channels water away from your ...read more
How to Stay Safe While Sanding, Cincinnati, Ohio
Belt and disk sanders are useful tools that you can get from an equipment rental company. They allow you to apply a smooth finish to wood surfaces. If you plan on using the...read more
5 Creative Ways to Use Gravel Around the Home, Ludlow, Kentucky
Gravel is a functional and cost-effective landscaping tool that will increase the curb appeal of your home. With such a variety of colors and sizes to work with, it is a versati...read more
The Best Gloves for Home Improvement & Yard Work, Cincinnati, Ohio
When it comes to home improvement and landscaping, having the right tools at your disposal is a must for safety, convenience, and efficiency. While it’s natural to focus your at...read more
A Guide to Refinishing Your Garage, Cincinnati, Ohio
If you don’t use your garage for vehicle storage, finishing it will increase the home’s total livable space and enhance its overall functionality. Whether you intend to convert ...read more
3 Major Benefits of Ready-Mix Concrete, Ludlow, Kentucky
Many people are beginning to rely on ready-mix concrete for their construction projects. This concrete is made of water, cement, sand, and gravel to create the perfect mixture necess...read more
4 Essential Tools for Plumbers, Cincinnati, Ohio
When you work as a plumber, there’s potential for you to face a wide variety of situations in just one day. As such, you must be properly prepared with all the plumbing supplies requ...read more
Top 4 Interior Color Trends for 2020, Ludlow, Kentucky
When painting the walls in your home, the popular hues of this year evoke a sense of emotion. This means the chosen shades should make you feel a particular way. If you’re trans...read more
Safety Tips When Using Power Tools, Cincinnati, Ohio
Power tools can make any job much easier, but you should never use them unprepared. It’s important to familiarize yourself with all operating instructions and warnings before using a...read more
3 Benefits of Paver Pool Decks, Ludlow, Kentucky
Brick pavers are an incredibly versatile material, perfect for everything from patios to walkways. One area where they are particularly helpful is a deck for your pool. Before you he...read more
What Pressure Washing in the Spring Can Do for Your Property, Cincinnati, Ohio
With spring in full swing, it’s time to start tackling your seasonal cleaning checklist. As you get ready to clear out the clutter, reorganize, and give each room a good scrub down, ...read more
4 Key Lawn Maintenance Safety Tips, Cincinnati, Ohio
Maintaining your lawn may not be the most dangerous activity, but it pays to be cautious any time you’re working with power tools. While manufacturers strive to ensure their lawn and...read more
What Landscape Supplies do You Need for Summer?, Ludlow, Kentucky
Homeowners maintain their yards and properties during the summer to improve safety and curb appeal. However, make sure you have all the landscape supplies you’ll need befor...read more
Should You Rent or Buy Your Power Tools?, Cincinnati, Ohio
Power tools can be highly beneficial, making difficult jobs both easier to complete with more efficient results. While necessary, some tools can also be costly, and if you don't...read more
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