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The Do's & Don'ts of Decluttering Your Home Office, Covington, Kentucky
Whether you work from home or just need a space to keep your important documents organized, a home office lets you be more productive. Because March 12 is National Organize Your Home Office Day, now is the perfect time to start thinking ...read more
How to Declutter & Organize Your Craft Area, Covington, Kentucky
No matter what crafts you like, there’s a good chance you’re used to mountains of material, piles of paper, and drawers of endless clutter. It’s easy to put off organizing the mess, especially if you’re consumed by the craft itself. But ...read more
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Cincinnati Closets®	, Closet & Wardrobe Accessories, Home Design Services, Closet & Wardrobe Contractors, Covington, Kentucky
677 W 3rd St
Covington, KY 41011
(513) 631-7939
Do you love to go on shopping sprees but have a lack of space for those beautiful new clothes? Cincinnati Closets® is the Tri-State’s leading provider for gorgeously designed custom closets and home organization systems. L...
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Adding Custom Home Organization to Your Basement Remodel, Covington, Kentucky
For keeping your home clean and pleasant, home organization solutions are essential. Custom closets and cabinetry designed with your lifestyle in mind make it easy to store and maint...read more
4 Useful Tips for a Pet-Friendly Mudroom, Covington, Kentucky
Perhaps you recently welcomed a canine or feline friend into your life and home, or wish to move pet supplies into a more convenient location. Your mudroom is a convenient space...read more
Why You Should Have an Island in Your Walk-in Closet, Covington, Kentucky
Walk-in closets are a fabulous luxury. Whether you have a small collection or numerous pieces, the organization and comfort they provide are well worth the investment. If you’re look...read more
3 Tips for Decluttering Your Basement, Covington, Kentucky
A basement is an excellent home addition if you need extra storage; however, when you don’t organize properly, it can become an insurmountable mess. It’s easy to throw items hap...read more
How to Effectively Deep Clean Your Walk-In Closet, Covington, Kentucky
Even though it gets put to use every single day, it can be easy to neglect your walk-in closet when the time comes for a good old-fashioned deep cleaning. All it takes is a little pl...read more
3 Home Organization Tips to Make Life Easier as an Adult, Covington, Kentucky
As a grown-up, there is a lot to keep track of from work papers and bills to appointments and important dates for the whole family. Don’t make your life harder by letting your house ...read more
Decluttering Do's & Don’ts to Prep Your Kitchen for Thanksgiving, Covington, Kentucky
When cooking and entertaining for Thanksgiving, you want an organized space to work with. For many homeowners, this means decluttering your kitchen before the holidays are ...read more
Home Organization Tips for Back to School, Covington, Kentucky
Home organization often takes a hit when your kids go back to school. This is because children are bound to make a mess with their school supplies, and in most cases, it will be you ...read more
5 Ways Custom Closets Help Busy Moms With Decluttering, Covington, Kentucky
Moms have enough to handle without the added concern of dealing with seemingly endless clutter in the closets. Busy schedules make it tough to organize them properly, and there just ...read more
4 Custom Closet Design Rules , Covington, Kentucky
A custom closet is a functional luxury every homeowner can benefit from. If you’re considering building a custom wardrobe, there are a few factors you’ll need to consider before gett...read more
The Do's & Don'ts of Organizing Shoes in Walk-in Closets, Covington, Kentucky
Installing a walk-in closet in your home is a simple way to keep clothing and accessories organized. When it comes to placing footwear in the storage area, there are common mistakes ...read more
Please watch our new video!, Covington, Kentucky
Welcome to Cincinnati Closets.  Please view our new video and contact us today to learn more about a custom closet for your home.    read more
3 Simple Ways to Declutter & Organize Your Closet, Covington, Kentucky
Your closet has a way of becoming a catch-all for clothes, shoes, bags, and even the stray birthday gift that needs a secure hiding place. If you’re like most people, your closet can...read more
5 Ways to Turn Your Walk-in Closet Into a Deluxe Dressing Room, Covington, Kentucky
  Walk-in closets are the ultimate bedroom luxury. But when you don’t take advantage of that space, it looks like nothing more than a big, boring room stocked with some cl...read more
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