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Which Type of Driveway Will Add the Most Value to Your Home?, Anchorage, Alaska
There are many types of materials available for driveways, each with their own unique benefits. If you’re considering an installation for your home, you may be wondering which option will best increase your property value. Here, GMG more
Learn More About Potholes From Your Local Concrete Company, Anchorage, Alaska
Whether you own a home with a driveway or a business with a parking lot, you should know more about potholes and how to prevent them. Apart from presenting you with aesthetic issues, potholes may also compromise the safety of your paved more
Anchorage County, AK General Contractors & Builders Businesses
GMG General, Inc., Excavating, Asphalt Paving, General Contractors & Builders, Anchorage, Alaska
8000 Petersburg St
Anchorage, AK 99507
For over 15 years, GMG General has been paving the way for Anchorage as a general contractor offering a wide range of premium services. Over the years, this small paving and landscaping company has grown to become one of Alaska's most re...
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Anchorage Paving Company Experts Share 4 Tips to Boost Parking Lot Security, Anchorage, Alaska
Keeping the parking lot attached to your commercial property secure is just as important as any other aspect of business operations. According to the professionals at GMG General, a more
A Paving Company Explains Why Potholes Must Be Repaired ASAP, Anchorage, Alaska
While they’re certainly irritating and jarring, potholes are more than just annoying. As GMG General explains, even the shallowest ones can be dangerous and costly. For almost 30 more
Basic Care & Maintenance for Your Asphalt Driveway, Anchorage, Alaska
An asphalt driveway can be a convenient and attractive addition to your property, but without correct maintenance, it will deteriorate quickly. By taking care of your driveway and more
3 Expert Tips for Tackling Your Driveway's Post-Winter Repairs, Anchorage, Alaska
From the heavyweight of snow and ice to the damaging effects of salt, your driveway really takes a beating over the winter months, especially in Alaska. To get it ready for heavy more
Commercial Landscaping Professionals Share 3 Winter Safety Tips for Walkways, Anchorage, Alaska
Snow can be a beautiful addition to your town when it accumulates, but it also introduces a number of hazards, especially on walkways. The commercial landscaping professionals at more
How Professionals Repair Driveways in the Winter, Anchorage, Alaska
Driveways are constructed with asphalt, which can develop cracks, even though the material itself is durable. These cracks are usually the result of extreme temperatures, abrupt more
Homeowner Do’s & Don’ts for Protecting Driveways This Winter, Anchorage, Alaska
With the holiday season ending, making sure that your driveway is well-maintained is probably not at the top of your priority list. While it’s an integral part of most homes, more
Important Tips for Protecting Concrete From Winter Damage, Anchorage, Alaska
The average daytime temperature in Anchorage during winter is below freezing, and this extreme weather condition can take its toll on nearly everything, including your concrete more
Ready for Snow Removal? Follow These Tips to Get Rid of Salt Stains, Anchorage, Alaska
A fresh blanket of snow makes for a beautiful winter wonderland, but it’s what comes after the flurry that you need to worry about. Road salt is used in snow removal to melt ice and more
3 Ways to Repair Salt-Damaged Commercial Landscaping, Anchorage, Alaska
De-icing salts cover roads, walkways, and parking lots each winter, making them safer for drivers and pedestrians. Unfortunately, those salts can do a lot of damage to your business’ more
3 Snow Removal Tips From Alaska's Experts, Anchorage, Alaska
During the winter, keeping your walkways free of snow and ice is no small struggle, but before pouring that salt and scraping away, there are a few things you should know to avoid more
An Anchorage Road Repair Company Shares How to Prevent Salt Damage, Anchorage, Alaska
Road salt turns ice to water, which helps vehicles gain traction and prevents sliding during inclement weather. While road salt applications are beneficial for melting icy roads, it more
How Salted Roads Can Lead to Driveway & Road Repairs, Anchorage, Alaska
Alaskan natives aren't strangers to slick, ice or snow-covered roadways during the cooler months, which is why road crews, business owners, and homeowners often turn to salt to more
Why Professional Snow Removal Is Important for Businesses, Anchorage, Alaska
Anchorage residents may be acclimated to heavy snow, but it’s still not something that should sit around on driveways and parking lots. And, if you’re a business owner, covered lots more
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