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Understanding the 3 Categories of Water & 4 Classifications of Water Damage, Sharonville, Ohio
If you have flooding in your home, it’s important to know what kind of water your belongings are being contaminated with. It’s also a good idea to know the type of water damage you have. Most people aren’t aware, but there are three more
Sump Pump Failure? Weather forecast calling for rain, rain, and more rain in Cincinnati this week, Sharonville, Ohio
Sump pump failures typically happen at the time you need them most, during a storm! When a pump does fail, your basement will fill with hundreds if not thousands of gallons or run off water causing extensive water damage to your more
East Hamilton, OH Building Restoration Businesses
Hudepohl Restoration, General Contractors & Builders, Building Restoration, Fire & Water Damage Repair, Cincinnati, Ohio
(513) 398-9691
It can feel like the end of the world when your home is devastated by a fire or suffers flood damage. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may have lost many valuable belongings, and your home may no longer be habitable. In times l...
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What to Know About Smoke & Fire Restoration Services, Sharonville, Ohio
When a house or apartment has a fire, the most important thing is to make sure everyone is safe. After the smoke clears, the return to normalcy is not complete.& more
5 Trends for 2018 Kitchen Remodeling Projects, Sharonville, Ohio
If one of your wishes for the new year is a beautiful kitchen update, it can help to consider some remodeling trends making their way into kitchens across the more
How to Prevent Burst Pipes & Water Damage This Winter , Sharonville, Ohio
Burst pipes can cause a significant amount of damage in a short period. Although this plumbing problem can happen anytime, it’s mainly prevalent in the winter. Hudepohl Restoration more
4 Common Types of Winter Storm Damage, Sharonville, Ohio
Although winter is a gorgeous time of the year, it often brings conditions that may put your home at risk. The best way to safeguard your property from cold weather damage more
Top 3 Remodeling Projects That Offer the Highest Return on Investment, Sharonville, Ohio
Any homeowner who is considering selling their home has to take remodeling into account before they put the “for sale” sign outside. Taking care of any water damage or mold problems more
3 Home Remodeling Projects to Tackle Before Retirement, Sharonville, Ohio
People often put off remodeling projects until after they retire. While this may seem like a good time to do a little reconstruction, there are some great reasons why you more
Why Prompt Black Mold Removal Is Essential, Sharonville, Ohio
Black mold is a surprisingly common problem and can cause a number of health issues. That’s why the mold removal experts at Hudepohl Restoration, serving Louisville, KY, more
Black Mold: Why It's Dangerous & How to Prevent It, Sharonville, Ohio
Mold is never a welcome sight in a home, but black mold in particular is reason for alarm. It causes not only structural damage but severe health problems. For these reasons, the more
What Type of Storm Damage Should You Look for After a Severe Storm?, Sharonville, Ohio
After a severe storm strikes, one of your first concerns is whether wind, rain, or lightning caused any storm damage to your home. As Hudepohl Restoration — with teams in Louisville, more
5 Steps to Take After a Tree Falls on Your House, Sharonville, Ohio
One of the risks of having trees on your property is the possibility that one could fall on your house. It’s no fun to think about, but this type of storm damage is common, and more
3 Expert Tips for Detecting Water Damage, Sharonville, Ohio
Whether you suspect a leak in your own home or are on the market to purchase a new house, inspecting a house for water damage is an important task that should not be overlooked. more
Understanding 3 Categories of Water Damage, Sharonville, Ohio
When you’ve experienced water damage in your home, your top priorities are salvaging your belongings and preventing long-term structural problems. In these time-sensitive situations, more
Fire Restoration Pros List 4 Ways to Prevent Kitchen Fires, Sharonville, Ohio
Kitchen accidents can happen whether you’re new to cooking or an experienced home chef. All it takes is one wrong move for flames to leap onto walls and cabinets, and fire more
Remodeling Your Home? Here’s How to Get Ready, Sharonville, Ohio
If you’ve lived in your house for a while, you’ve probably identified a few features or rooms you’d like to change or update. A home remodeling project is the perfect way to turn more
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