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A Guide to the New Quick-Jump iPhone® Feature, Canton, Ohio
If you own an Apple® device, such as an iPhone®, you know how convenient they can make your daily life. Plus, Apple is constantly reinventing their products and adding new features to further optimize the user experience. One s...read more
How Do You Know Which MacBook® to Choose?, Canton, Ohio
If you’re exploring mobile Apple® devices, the MacBook Pro® and MacBook Air® are two of the most popular options. Each of these industry-leading laptops has its advantages, and it’s important to understand the differences, so you ca...read more
Louisville, OH Cell Phone Repair Businesses
Experimax Canton OH, Computer Repair, Cell Phone Repair, Computers, Canton, Ohio
4605 Fulton Dr NW, Ste A
Canton, OH 44718
(330) 409-7005
Looking for an Apple device expert in your area? Experimax Canton OH, is your leading expert in all things Apple®. Proudly Serving Canton and Massillon, Experimax Canton OH lets you conveniently buy, sell, and trade used Apple ...
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5 Signs Your MacBook® Battery Needs to Be Replaced, Canton, Ohio
The typical charge on a fully functioning MacBook® battery is around 12 hours, demonstrating the high quality of Apple® devices. While MacBook laptops are known for their above-...read more
Is a PC or Mac® Better for Graphic Designers?, Canton, Ohio
Apple® products have had a reputation for being the preferred tools of graphic designers for many years. However, some people assume PCs have many of the same capabilities, thanks to...read more
What to Know About Using Technology When Preparing for the ACT, Canton, Ohio
For parents, ACT scores can make or break their children’s college admissions and scholarship opportunities. Achieving a high test score often entails intense review through costly c...read more
4 Steps to Follow Before Trading in Your iPhone®, Canton, Ohio
Apple® products generally hold their value, so your old iPhone® might be worth hundreds of dollars even after a few years of use. Instead of selling your current device, trade i...read more
Back-to-school SALE on MacBook, Canton, Ohio
BACK-TO-SCHOOL SALE! (Aug1~31) SAVE big on Mac® computers! You don't have to spend thousands on a new computer - We'll help you find the right computer for your needs for affordable...read more
Why Should Graphic Design Students Choose Mac® Computers?, Canton, Ohio
From promotional posters to logos for websites, graphic designers can put their skills to a variety of compelling uses in this tech-friendly world. However, the instrument they use t...read more
Everything You Need to Know About Data Recovery, Canton, Ohio
You rely on your Apple® device for both your personal and professional lives. From sensitive documents to financial information and photos, this computer contains a lot of ...read more
5 Ways to Keep Your iPhone® Cool in the Summer, Canton, Ohio
In general, iPhone® devices are designed to function in temperatures between 32 and 95 degrees. If your Apple® device exceeds this range, it can overheat and experience internal dama...read more
MacBook® Summer SALE!!, Canton, Ohio
SUMMER SALE!! We have a fresh batch of MacBooks ready to go. Comes with One Year warranty and charger.  We have plenty of other models too, these are in stock all summer. Stop ...read more
iPhone® Screen and Battery Replacement, Canton, Ohio
PRICE DROP on iPhone Screen and Battery!! No appointment needed. Most repairs 1 Hour or less.  Call or stop in today! (330)409-7005 Experimax Canton OH is your local solu...read more
3 Signs You Should Consider Upgrading Your iPad®, Canton, Ohio
After you own an iPad® for several years, it can start to show some signs of its age. Instead of continuing to use it in a frustrating manner or investing a large sum of money i...read more
Do's & Don'ts of Owning a MacBook® Laptop, Canton, Ohio
Purchasing your first laptop can be an exciting and liberating experience; not only are the possibilities for creation and exploration endless, but you can take them with you whereve...read more
5 Best Educational Apps for Younger Kids, Canton, Ohio
Today's children are spending more and more time using electronics to play, connect with loved ones, and learn. You can help make this time productive and fun by choosing good educat...read more
3 Tips for Creating a Secure Password, Canton, Ohio
Whether you’re logging onto your Apple® device or setting up a Wi-Fi network, your password is vital to your security. While you might think the chances of getting hacked a...read more
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