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How to Properly Pack Your Desktop Computer When Moving, Arlington, Texas
During the relocation process, one of the most fragile and important items you’ll transport is your desktop computer. Since this device plays such an integral role in your daily life, take some extra time to pack it properly. The followi...read more
3 Fixes for Common PS4™ Problems, Arlington, Texas
Sitting down to enjoy a gaming session and finding out your PS4™ is on the fritz is beyond frustrating. There are countless components and any one of them can be causing trouble. Luckily, it’s rare they’re ever serious. Try the fixe...read more
Arlington, TX Cell Phone Repair Businesses
uBreakiFix, Consumer Electronics Repair, Computer Repair, Cell Phone Repair, Arlington, Texas
4654 S Cooper St, #312
Arlington, TX 76017
(817) 987-6556
If you’ve shattered the screen on your brand new iPhone®, there’s no need to despair. Bring your device to the experts at uBreakiFix in South Arlington, TX. With nearly a decade in business, this phone and computer repair company provide...
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3 Tips for Protecting Your Phone From Summer Heat, Arlington, Texas
If you’ve lived in Texas for any time at all, you know that it can get scorching. And while you may not have to worry about humidity, the extreme heat can damage your digital de...read more
5 Ways to Boost iPad® Speed, Arlington, Texas
We live in a world where the answers to our burning questions can be at our fingertips instantly thanks to technology. Therefore, if you’re trying to look up directions to a restaura...read more
3 Signs Your iPhone's® Battery Is Damaged, Arlington, Texas
If your iPhone® has ever died unexpectedly, you might assume it’s because the battery was low. However, in certain cases, it’s actually because the battery is no longer viable and&nb...read more
uBreakiFix - Marketing and Community Engagement Coordinator, Arlington, Texas
uBreakiFix - Marketing and Community Engagement Coordinator https://app.joinhandshake.com/jobs/2914066/share_preview via @joinhandshake read more
5 Millions Customers Served!, Arlington, Texas
5 Million Customers Served! While we’re not in the business of putting injured astronauts through advanced surgery and turning them into cyborg crime fighters, we are celebrating th...read more
$10 Off Your Next Repair PLUS 10% Off Any Accessory!, Arlington, Texas
Crashed Computer?  Cracked Screen on Your Smartphone?  Soaked Tablet?  New Drive Needed for Your Video Game Console?  We Fix It All.  Mention this Ad and Get...read more
Water Damage?  Repair It Not Replace It!, Arlington, Texas
  If your phone was accidentally exposed to water, turn it off and, if possible, remove the battery immediately. If it doesn’t seem to be working, skip the rice and bring it ...read more
What to Do When Your iPhone® Doesn't Turn On, Arlington, Texas
From Facebook® updates to office emails, we check our iPhones® to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the world. Therefore, if you wake up one morning and that small screen ...read more
Xbox® Red Ring of Death Solutions, Arlington, Texas
The Xbox® series of video game consoles is notorious for a particular fault with the device known as the "red ring of death." This hardware failure is communicated by the power butto...read more
3 Steps to Take When Your Phone Has a Cracked Screen, Arlington, Texas
These days, a broken phone is more of a serious loss than a minor inconvenience. How will you keep in touch with your friends or reply to that time-sensitive email with a cracke...read more
4 Common Reasons People Need iPhone® Repair, Arlington, Texas
As the world’s most popular smartphone, iPhones® have become an essential part of many people's lives. And with their heavy use, it’s not surprising that some devices malfunctio...read more
What to Do When Your iPad® Gets Cracked, Arlington, Texas
Anyone who owns an iPad® has probably had the scary experience of dropping the device once or twice. If you’re lucky, the tablet escaped the fall without any damage. Other times, how...read more
3 Tips for Protecting Your Devices While Traveling, Arlington, Texas
Today’s mobile devices act as cameras, communication centers, and mini-computers. They are the perfect utility to take during your luxury or business trips. However, they can also be...read more
Why Is My Computer So Slow?, Arlington, Texas
There is nothing more frustrating than a slow computer. Whether you’re gaming or working on a big assignment, a lagging device impedes progress when you’re already crunched for time....read more
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