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What to Know About iCloud® Setup , Dentsville, South Carolina
The iCloud® is a convenient service that helps Apple® device owners easily store, share, and back up files. The platform also allows users to seamlessly sync one device with another. For example, you can access important files stored on ...read more
How Computer Repair Will Make Your Device Like New, Dentsville, South Carolina
Your computer is an important part of your routine, whether you use it for work, entertainment, or a bit of both. However, if your laptop or desktop isn’t working the way it should, computer repair will make it feel like new. An experien...read more
Lexington, SC Cell Phone Repair Businesses
Experimac Columbia East, Computer Tech Support, Cell Phone Repair, Computer Repair, Columbia, South Carolina
10149 Two Notch Rd , C
Columbia, SC 29229
(803) 401-5588
Experimac Columbia East specializes in smartphone and computer repair services for Apple® products, buys and sells pre-owned devices, and offers other assorted computer services to residential and commercial customers. Located in South C...
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Why It Pays to Refer to the Experts for iPhone® Repair, Dentsville, South Carolina
Many people buy Apple® devices because they are built for durability. However, as with all technology, you’re bound to run into troubles somewhere along the line. Smartphone users kn...read more
Should You Opt for a Computer Repair, Trade-In, or Upgrade?, Dentsville, South Carolina
When faced with a laptop or desktop issue, it can be hard to decide the best course of action. You may not want to part with your device, but would it make more sense to purchas...read more
Why You Should Sell or Trade In Your Old Apple® Devices, Dentsville, South Carolina
Technology lovers often hang on to their old devices for as long as they can. While it’s certainly possible that you’ll need your previous gadget again, selling your Apple® lapt...read more
5 Signs You Need Computer Repair , Dentsville, South Carolina
Computers are integral to daily life, whether you’re at home or the office. When a machine isn’t working correctly, it’s a frustrating experience. Fortunately, most problems can...read more
Computer Repair Experts Discuss Ins & Outs of Bluetooth® Devices, Dentsville, South Carolina
Are you tired of plugging your phone into the stereo every time you want to listen to music or connect your computer to watch a video? The computer repair pr...read more
Should You Buy an Apple® Laptop or a PC?, Dentsville, South Carolina
When it comes to making a purchase as big as a computer, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of an Apple® laptop versus a PC. To help your decision along, the team at Expe...read more
Labor Day Sale: Technology To Work Smarter Not Harder, Dentsville, South Carolina
Labor Day is next Monday, September 4, 2017! Accept it and embrace it: summer is almost over. The long Labor Day weekend is the time for one last barbecue, one more day spent...read more
3 Reasons to Purchase Used Apple® Products, Dentsville, South Carolina
Unfortunately, all electronics eventually die, and when that happens, purchasing a replacement can be extremely overwhelming. Thankfully, according to Experimac Columbia East in...read more
3 Ways to Keep Your Apple® Computer Virus Free, Dentsville, South Carolina
It’s no secret that computer viruses often afflict PCs, but people often don’t realize they can also affect Apple® computers. Luckily, the team at Experimac Columbia East&n...read more
iPhone Repair Expert Reveals the Top 3 Ways to Avoid a Shattered Screen , Dentsville, South Carolina
As iPhones get bigger, so do their screens, which means there’s a higher chance of getting a few cracks every time your phone slips out of your hand. Broken screens not only cause an...read more
Used Apple Devices: Top 3 Tips for Buying Computers, Dentsville, South Carolina
Buying used Apple devices makes it possible to get the high-quality electronics you need at greatly reduced rates. When shopping for a pre-owned computer, it can be difficu...read more
iPhone Repair Experts Share 3 Ways to Protect Your Apple Hard Drive, Dentsville, South Carolina
Whether you just bought a new Apple computer or you don’t have any security settings configured on your current computer, protecting your Apple hard drive is crucial to your privacy....read more
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