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7 Benefits of Having a Home Audio Receiver as Part of Your Stereo Equipment, East Rochester, New York
A home audio receiver is the command center where you can control the electronic and audio features of your home. Audio Sound Solutions is East Rochester, NY’s hub for all things stereo equipment, and home audio receivers are one of more
Today, Your First Record — Soon, a Vinyl Getaway, East Rochester, New York
A turntable is something like a time machine. An auditory experience from a totally mechanical process: a needle runs over grooves, producing a warm, lucid, precisely imperfect sound. Vintage stereo equipment brings you into a more more
East Rochester, NY Used TV & Stereo Equipment Businesses
Audio Sound Solutions, Second Hand Goods, Audio Equipment, Used TV & Stereo Equipment, East Rochester, New York
402 W Commercial St
East Rochester, NY 14445
(585) 442-0890
Certain things will never go out of style. This is definitely the case when it comes to sound equipment. At Audio Sound Solutions, you can find an incredible inventory of new and used audio equipment from today and from eras go...
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Why Bigger Speakers Sound So Much Better, East Rochester, New York
While smaller speakers can sometimes be tempting to buy due to the minimal space they require, they just can’t compare to the sound quality of larger speakers. When considering more
Why You Should Have Your Vintage Stereo Equipment Repaired, East Rochester, New York
With the revival of turntables and other vintage audio systems, it’s more important than ever to maintain and repair your old audio equipment. Regular stereo equipment repair can more
A Brief Guide to Buying Vintage Stereo Equipment, East Rochester, New York
For music lovers, nothing comes close to enjoying your favorite tunes on high-quality vintage stereo equipment. But depending on your needs, there are a few important more
Why Buy Vintage Stereo Equipment?, East Rochester, New York
You can enjoy excellent audio without spending a fortune on the latest speaker systems. Instead, consider the hidden treasures available in the second-hand market. Vintage more
How to Adjust Tracking Force on Your Turntable, East Rochester, New York
Adjusting the tracking force on your turntable can improve the overall sound of your stereo equipment. If you’ve never adjusted components on your turntable before, then Audio Sound more
How to Adjust Your Turntable's Arm Height & Cartridge Alignment, East Rochester, New York
An upmarket turntable is an ideal investment for an ardent audiophile. While there are plenty of “plug-and-play” systems on the market, Audio Sound Solutions in East more
How to Improve Turntable Performance, East Rochester, New York
In recent years, vinyl has made a comeback from the era when cassette tapes and compact discs were beating records in album sales. Whether you’re a younger audiophile or you’re just more
How to Know When to Repair Your Turntable, East Rochester, New York
For many people, there is nothing like the rich sound of records on a turntable. This classic analog method makes every note a unique experience, so if you own your own unit, you more
Audio Sound Solutions Offers a Guide to Buying a CD Player, East Rochester, New York
While digital music is on the rise, CD players are still going strong all over the world. If you’re interested in holding onto your compact disc collection and you don’t see more
3 Musical Benefits of Buying a Turntable, East Rochester, New York
In today’s world, there are more ways to listen to music than ever before. From streaming services such as Spotify to online stores such as iTunes, music is largely consumed more
Why You Should Consider Buying a Vintage Stereo System, East Rochester, New York
The classic adage “old is gold” perfectly embodies the investment value you get for purchasing a piece of vintage stereo equipment. In fact, the pros at Audio Sound more
3 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Stereo Equipment Repair, East Rochester, New York
Whether you’re a stereo enthusiast or simply enjoy the clean sound of a high-quality audio system, hiring a professional for stereo equipment repair is always worth it—vintage more
A Guide to Buying Home Stereo Equipment , East Rochester, New York
Nowadays, the way people listen to music is varied and constantly changing. You may enjoy your music through portable devices such as your smartphone or iPod, but if you’re a real more
Do You Need Vintage Stereo Equipment Repair? , East Rochester, New York
Charming and stylish, vintage stereo equipment carries much more than just an attractive aesthetic. These beautiful units create a gorgeous, unique sound that many music more
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