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3 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Outlets, Fairbanks, Alaska
Electrical outlets are the unsung heroes of the technological era. They allow us to charge phones, entertain with television, cook dinner with appliances, and get ready with styling tools. As our gateway to electricity, though, outlets more
5 Quick Ways to Lower Your Energy Consumption, Fairbanks, Alaska
You rely on energy in your home every day, so it’s worthwhile to take steps that will maximize your home’s efficiency. Some small changes with your electrician can have a dramatic effect on reducing both your monthly utility bills and more
Fairbanks, AK Cable & Satellite Businesses
The Electrician, LLC, Generators, Cable & Satellite, Electricians, Fairbanks, Alaska
3523 Industrial Ave
Fairbanks, AK 99701
(907) 458-8659
Whether it’s your home or business, you rely on your electrical system almost every minute of every day. With that kind of dependence, you need an electrician you can trust to provide reliable and affordable electrical services. In Fairb...
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4 Appliances That Require a Dedicated Circuit, Fairbanks, Alaska
Proper wiring and circuitry are required to protect your electrical system and ensure that your appliances run smoothly. This is why many of them require their own dedicated more
An Enlightening Overview of Edison Bulbs, Fairbanks, Alaska
In the design world, recent trends have leaned toward warm, antique, and industrial-chic, from furniture to flooring. When it comes to lighting fixtures, Edison bulbs fit this more
5 Reasons for a Service Panel Upgrade, Fairbanks, Alaska
If your home’s electrical system had a headquarters, it would be the service panel. This controls the breakers and, therefore, the circuits that send electricity to every outlet and more
An Electrician’s Top 5 Reasons Your Outlet Isn’t Working, Fairbanks, Alaska
When one of your electrical outlets stops working, there are several possible reasons. Some of them are simple enough to fix on your own, while others will require you to call an more
The Do’s & Don’ts When Using Halloween Lights, Fairbanks, Alaska
Christmas isn’t the only holiday when homeowners string up decorative lights to celebrate the season. Halloween also provides a chance to dazzle your neighbors with purple, white, more
Do's & Don'ts of Using Surge Protectors & Power Strips, Fairbanks, Alaska
Power strips feature several outlets so you can use multiple devices without overloading wall outlets. Surge protectors are the higher-quality versions of these strips that include more
An Electrical Inspection Team Explains the Importance of Grounding, Fairbanks, Alaska
You’ve likely heard the old saying about opposites attracting. It’s an adage that adequately explains why negative and positive electrical charges appeal to each other. Taking it a more
An Electrician Explains the Dangers of Old Wiring, Fairbanks, Alaska
Old homes can be beautiful and historic, but when it comes to their electrical systems, not every building is up to code. As any electrician will tell you, old wiring is an issue more
4 Most Energy-Consuming Appliances in Your Home, Fairbanks, Alaska
A high electric bill is not something homeowners look forward to, but they occur all the time. Your house is full of appliances that require some measure of energy, but do you more
Electricians Explain the Purpose of Circuit Breakers, Fairbanks, Alaska
When a certain electrical feature in your home suddenly stops working, you may be tempted to contact an electrician right away. In many cases, though, the solution is as simple as more
3 Reasons Electrical Inspections Are Essential in Older Homes, Fairbanks, Alaska
Older homes have a sense of character that makes them irresistible to many new buyers. However, that same charm is accompanied by outdated wiring that can make for unsafe more
Your Electrician-Approved Guide to Baby-Proofing Your Home, Fairbanks, Alaska
As a parent, you make every effort to ensure your child stays safe from the moment you bring them home from the hospital. As your baby starts to grow, you’ll find basic household more
Electrician-Recommended Tips to Make Appliances Last Longer, Fairbanks, Alaska
Replacing appliances is inevitable, as machines are not designed to last forever. However, when you have to replace an appliance year after year, it quickly becomes an issue. more
3 Reasons Why Emergency Electricians Are Important, Fairbanks, Alaska
When you’re faced with sudden and unexpected electrical issues, it’s crucial to get help as soon as possible. Without prompt assistance, these types of emergencies could lead to more
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