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3 Essential Parts of Any Church Sound System, 4, Louisiana
Updating your church’s sound system is an exciting endeavor, but it can be hard to know where to begin. There are many factors to consider, including the acoustics of the space and equipment like mixers, equalizers, more
3 Tips for Mixing Live Vocals, 4, Louisiana
Whether you’re working the sound for a concert venue or a church that features musical performances, it is important that vocal audio comes through crisp and clear. Distortion and equalization (EQ) problems can be harsh on the ears more
Shreveport, LA Audio Equipment Businesses
Claiborne Sharp Professional Audio, Video Projectors, Audio Visual Equipment, Audio Equipment, Shreveport, Louisiana
(318) 861-5953
A wide variety of venues rely on the power of sound, and companies and organizations in Shreveport, LA, rely on Claiborne Sharp Professional Audio to design and install first-class audio and video systems. Since 1989, Claiborne Sharp Pro...
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5 Tips for an Effective Sound Check, 4, Louisiana
The sound check is one of the most critical parts of putting on a successful live performance. It’s the best way to confirm that the instruments, amps, and microphones are properly more
3 Tips for a Better Live Mix, 4, Louisiana
Mixing a live performance presents some unique challenges, especially since your mixing choices can influence the audience’s perception of the performance. If handled properly, more
4 FAQ About Church Acoustics , 4, Louisiana
A variety of factors affect the acoustics produced in a church. Seemingly simple changes — such as adding carpeting or moving a speaker — can change how sound is distributed in a more
3 Tips for Improving Your Church Sound System, 4, Louisiana
Your church sound system is vital to your ministry. It's what helps get your message to as many people as possible. Keeping it in good repair and updating it whenever possible will more
3 Professional Audio System Problems & Their Solutions, 4, Louisiana
Professional audio issues are frustrating, especially when they occur during a live event. Prepare for these problems beforehand by taking the time to test and troubleshoot more
What You Should Know Before Setting Up a Church Sound System, 4, Louisiana
Installing a quality church sound system requires comprehensive research for a setup that will last. Taking shortcuts can result in a system with inadequate or incompatible more
3 Common Live Music Setup Mistakes, 4, Louisiana
Musicians depend on a venue’s front-of-house (FOH) engineers to turn their performances into professional audio that resonates perfectly throughout the performance space. An more
4 Ways Churches Can Use Professional Video Services, 4, Louisiana
If you’d like to add a visual spark to your church’s worship services, a professional church video system is just the solution. To help you understand how visual elements can more
3 Considerations to Make When Installing a Church Video Projector, 4, Louisiana
Video projectors have become an essential tool in modern churches, providing a visual presentation that helps make the sermon more impactful. However, the more
Why Are Acoustics Important at Church?, 4, Louisiana
When attending church, sound plays a significant role in worship. In addition to an uplifiting message, today’s congregations expect services to be accompanied by music, which more
4 Benefits of Using Interactive Video Projectors in the Classroom, 4, Louisiana
With more and more people using digital devices in their daily lives, it makes sense that video projectors would become a valuable tool for teachers. Video projectors make more
4 Reasons to Replace Your TV With a Video Projector, 4, Louisiana
One way to up the ante in your media room is by getting a large screen for playing videos. Television has long been a favored choice, and with the proliferation of bigger screens more
How to Ensure Your Videos Have Sharp Audio, 4, Louisiana
Whether you’re working on a student film or a professional production, first-rate audio makes the viewing experience more enjoyable for an audience. From where mics are mounted on more
Tips for Designing a Church Video System, 4, Louisiana
Every institution can benefit from harnessing the latest technology, including churches. Setting up a successful church video system will provide more flexibility for your space and more
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