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5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Clean With Vodka, Minneapolis, Minnesota
While vodka is most often used as the base ingredient for a cocktail, it also works great as a general household cleaning agent. Alcohol is a powerful disinfectant, and unlike vinegar, it doesn’t leave an odor. Faith Christian Janitorial...read more
Cleaning Company Tips: 4 Ways to Get a Sparkling Shower, Minneapolis, Minnesota
When it comes to keeping your home clean, it’s a good idea to call in the experts from Faith Christian Janitorial Service, the premier cleaning company in Hennepin County and Minneapolis, MN, for those deep cleans that you...read more
Independence, MN Janitorial Services Businesses
Faith Christian Janitorial Service, Construction Cleanup, Cleaning Services, Janitorial Services, Minneapolis, Minnesota
722 E. Franklin Ave., Ste. 5
Minneapolis, MN 55404
If you have a business to run, the last thing you want to think about is taking out the trash. With a professional janitorial service like Faith Christian Janitorial Service on the job, you won’t have to worry. Located in Minneapolis, MN...
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Minneapolis Cleaning Company Explains How to Clean Your Washing Machine, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Your washing machine is probably not an appliance you think of having to clean often, but it can actually get quite dirty. As your washing machine cleans your clothing, it also colle...read more
Learn the Best Way to Wash Your Towels From a Top Minneapolis Cleaning Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Cleaning company Faith Christian Janitorial Service in Minneapolis, MN, provides cleaning services to commercial and residential clients, and they’re here to give you ...read more
3 Natural Home Scent Ideas Cleaning Companies Recommend, Minneapolis, Minnesota
A freshly scented home has all the ingredients to make you feel welcome and rejuvenated the moment you step in. But the use of chemicals in commercial scent products leads to doubts ...read more
Local Professional Cleaning Service Helps Restaurants Understand Regulations & Inspections, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Running a restaurant is no small task. From making sure all of your customers are satisfied to ensuring your kitchen is properly staffed, it seems as if the stress never ends. And to...read more
Janitorial Services With Heart & Soul, Minneapolis, Minnesota
A church is a sacred place, and its janitorial services should reflect that spirit. In Minneapolis, MN, Faith Christian Janitorial Service provides a range of commercial cleaning ser...read more
Minneapolis’ Favorite Cleaning Company is Now Offering Residential Services! , Minneapolis, Minnesota
For more than 15 years, the experts from Faith Christian Janitorial Service have been serving businesses in the Minneapolis, MN, area with high-quality commercial cleaning services. ...read more
A Simple Restaurant Cleaning Checklist, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Running a restaurant takes a lot of time and hard work. As a manager or owner, you probably spend your days and nights making sure everything is organized and sanitary in your place ...read more
3 Reasons to Hire Professional Cleaning Services for Your Restaurant, Minneapolis, Minnesota
These days, professional cleaning services are more popular than ever in the restaurant industry. When you want an affordable way to keep your restaurant sanitary and aesthetically p...read more
Keep Your Floors Immaculate With Professional Cleaning Services, Minneapolis, Minnesota
A floor covered in dust, debris, shreds of paper, spilled coffee, food stains, and tracked-in dirt and mud reflects poorly on your organization. Faith Christian Janitorial Service, t...read more
Minneapolis' Best Janitorial Service Offers 5 Tips to Keep Your Office Refrigerator Clean, Minneapolis, Minnesota
The kitchen and refrigerator are among the most important common spaces in most offices. But because so many employees may have access to it, keeping the refrigerator clean and tidy ...read more
3 Benefits of Hiring Professional Office Cleaning Services, Minneapolis, Minnesota
The environment one works in can have a huge impact on the quality of their output. A cluttered, messy office doesn’t just compromise employees’ productivity, but it’s also hardly a ...read more
4 Questions to Help You Choose the Best Commercial Cleaning Service, Minneapolis, Minnesota
There are many ways to determine the best commercial cleaning company for the job, whether it’s by recommendations or comparing janitorial bids. No matter what your technique may be,...read more
3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Professional Cleaning Service, Minneapolis, Minnesota
A clean office says a lot about a business, including that the business cares about the well-being of its employees. However, as a business owner, it can become difficult to find the...read more
How Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services Differ, Minneapolis, Minnesota
At Faith Christian Janitorial Service, their dedicated workers perform commercial cleaning for a variety of businesses in the Minneapolis, MN, area. They aim to thoroughly clean offi...read more
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