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A History of the POW/MIA Flag, Vermilion, Ohio
The POW/MIA flag, which stands for “Prisoner of War/Missing in Action,” is one of the most recognizable U.S. military flags. This solid black flag features a white silhouette of a prisoner with a guard tower and barbed wire fen...read more
5 Tips for Decorating Your Home With Flags, Vermilion, Ohio
Flags allow you to display your pride, whether it’s for a country, state, or favorite sports teams. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, from pennants and banners to handheld and larger options. This variety provides ...read more
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Harbortown Flag, Inc., Custom Banners, Hobby Shops, Flags, Vermilion, Ohio
4765 Liberty Ave, Suite 2
Vermilion, OH 44089
(440) 967-3524
Is there anything more symbolic than an American flag, carrying its colors, symbols, and emblems overhead as it waves mightily, powered by the breeze of Lake Erie? The answer is: of course not. That’s why when you’re looking for flags, b...
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The Do's & Don'ts of Flying Multiple Flags, Vermilion, Ohio
Hanging flags is a great way to display patriotism and garner attention from passing pedestrians and drivers. However, there are certain protocols that need to be followed, especiall...read more
A Guide to the History of Nautical Code Flags, Vermilion, Ohio
For those interested in boating and maritime history, nautical flags can be an excellent addition to your home or vessel. There are many different designs available. T...read more
A Guide to the US Flag Code, Vermilion, Ohio
When it comes to handling the American flag, there’s a specific code of conduct that’s defined by the U.S. Flag Code. This set of rules ensures everyone is following the same practic...read more
Nautical Flag Etiquette, Vermilion, Ohio
Nautical Flag Etiquette 1. Size When choosing a U.S. Ensign (50 stars) or Yacht Ensign (anchor surrounded by a circle of stars) to fly at the stern of your boat, the common measure...read more
How to Care for an American Flag, Vermilion, Ohio
Considering all that it symbolizes, an American flag is a precious item to own and deserves the proper care. However, it can’t be treated the same way as ordinary fabr...read more
What Is the Meaning Behind the American Flag?, Vermilion, Ohio
You’ve seen the American flag waving in the wind from neighbors’ porches, businesses, town centers, and TV screens. And while you may have learned about the origin story in elementar...read more
Returning to 7-days Saturday 3/28, Vermilion, Ohio
Time to Spiff Up for Spring!  Unless the state shuts down retail stores, Harbortown Flag is still reopening soon.  So it’s a great time to replace your torn or faded Flag! ...read more
3 Reasons to Purchase a Flag & Pole, Vermilion, Ohio
Flags on flagpoles are iconic, versatile decorations. When installed in the ground or attached to a building facade, porch, eave, or garage, they’re stately and boldly colo...read more
The Ohio State Flag: Origin, Shape & Symbolism, Vermilion, Ohio
Since Ohio just celebrated its 217 birthday, we thought you might like some information about the Ohio flag.  Filled with symbolism and Buckeye pride, the state flag of Ohi...read more
How to Dispose of an American Flag, Vermilion, Ohio
American flags are iconic symbols of sacrifice and patriotism. When you have a faded or worn flag that needs replacement, don’t throw it out. The U.S. Flag Code specifies respectful ...read more
4 Common Questions About the American Flag, Vermilion, Ohio
Whether you’re showing national pride on the Fourth of July or flying your flag every day, the American flag has many traditions and symbols folded into it. If you’ve ever been unsur...read more
Dos and Don'ts of Proper American Flag Etiquette, Vermilion, Ohio
Putting American flags on display is a great way to demonstrate your patriotism and show your love for ours country.  However, if you don’t know the proper etiquette for fl...read more
History of the American Flag, Vermilion, Ohio
The American flag, with its vibrant colored field of stars and stripes, is a national symbol, but many people have no idea of its history beyond the story of Betsy Ross. Learn a...read more
What You Should Know About Memorial Burial Flags, Vermilion, Ohio
The men and women of the U.S. military give their lives to protect our freedoms and are honored for doing so. Burial or interment flags that acknowledge the service of dece...read more
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