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5 Ways to Winterize Your Big Rig, Fairbanks, Alaska
The harsh winters of Alaska can be tough on semi-trucks, which makes driving a challenge no matter how skilled you are. It is crucial for truckers to winterize their vehicles and get the repairs, truck parts, or supplies you need more
3 Tire Maintenance Tips for Fall, Fairbanks, Alaska
In autumn, you might be taking time to clean out the gutters, rake the lawn, and prep your furnace for the colder months ahead. However, it’s also important to think about your vehicle as the seasons begin to change. Proper tire more
Yukon-Koyukuk, AK Truck Parts & Accessories Businesses
Power & Transmission Inc, Truck Parts & Accessories, Auto Maintenance, Auto Parts, Fairbanks, Alaska
711 Van Horn Rd
Fairbanks, AK 99701
(907) 456-2230
If you own big rigs or tractor trailers in Fairbanks, AK, you’re going to need premium truck parts to ensure they remain operational. Power & Transmission, Inc. offers high-quality service, products, and repairs for your large traile...
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3 Benefits of Vent Visors on Semis, Fairbanks, Alaska
Whether you’re a business owner-operator or semi-truck driver, spending a lot of time in a truck means buying the right truck parts to make it as comfortable as possible. One part& more
4 Safety Tips for Truck Drivers, Fairbanks, Alaska
Truck driving is a challenging job that requires constant awareness in all types of driving conditions. Whether you’re facing harsh weather or dealing with malfunctioning more
3 Truck Fleet Management Tips, Fairbanks, Alaska
Most companies that have logistical operations requiring the transportation of goods and products will need a fleet of commercial trucks to function. As a truck fleet more
3 Mistakes to Avoid for Heavy-Duty Truck Drivers, Fairbanks, Alaska
Commercial driving is a rewarding career that gives you independence and travel options. As you get started in the industry, you must learn about auto maintenance and safe more
Why Does Motor Oil Viscosity Matter?, Fairbanks, Alaska
For vehicle owners and drivers, using the right motor oil is crucial to engine performance. But with various different options on the market, you may need help choosing the more
3 Ways to Conserve the Auto Battery in Your Truck, Fairbanks, Alaska
For commercial truck drivers, auto battery issues can put a wrench in operations. If the starter and alternator don’t work, for example, the engine won’t run. It could also be more
3 Ways to Prepare Your Commercial Truck for the Spring, Fairbanks, Alaska
If you drive a big rig, auto maintenance is essential to optimal performance and safety. Harsh winter conditions can do a number on your vehicle, so as the weather more
How to Clean Truck Floor Mats, Fairbanks, Alaska
Dirt, grass, pebbles, and other debris will eventually make their way onto your truck’s floor mats. Over time, the grime may cause permanent stains and diminish your vehicle’s more
3 Signs You Need to Change Your Truck's Motor Oil, Fairbanks, Alaska
Regularly changing the motor oil in your big rig keeps your engine running smoothly. While most experts recommend changing your oil around every 25,000 miles, this depends on more
Automatic Transmission Fluid: What Every Driver Should Know, Fairbanks, Alaska
Transmission oil is one of the most important car fluids in your truck, preventing premature damage and keeping the engine operating smoothly. Whether you drive your own vehicle more
5 Fifth-Wheel Truck Parts You Need for Safety, Fairbanks, Alaska
A fifth wheel provides extra towing strength when moving a heavy trailer. It also provides more pivot action to make turning easier. However, as with other towing mechanisms, more
3 Reasons to Get a Winter Front to Prepare for the Cold, Fairbanks, Alaska
Winter fronts are insulated covers that sit over the grill of a truck, keeping more heat inside the engine during the winter. This truck part is affordable, simple to more
A Trucker's Guide to Bug Shields, Fairbanks, Alaska
When picking up truck parts, drivers are often concerned with elements like motor oil, tires, and brake sensors. However, accessories like bug shields are just as helpful more
Synthetic vs. Conventional Motor Oil, Fairbanks, Alaska
As a truck driver, one of the simplest and most important ways to maintain your engine is with routine motor oil changes. This liquid keeps the engine’s many moving parts lubricated more
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