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A Brief Introduction to Manual Transmission Cars, Anchorage, Alaska
When you head to the dealership for a new vehicle, you may have automatically crossed those with manual transmissions off your list. However, while automatic systems have become the norm, there are still many advantages to driving more
3 Reasons Auto Maintenance Is Crucial , Anchorage, Alaska
A vehicle is one of the largest investments you can make. To get the most value for your money, however, you’ll want to ensure it stays in the best condition possible by getting regular auto maintenance and automotive repairs when more
Anchorage County, AK Transmission Repair Businesses
Quality Transmission Service, Auto Maintenance, Automotive Repair, Transmission Repair, Anchorage, Alaska
140 E Dowling Rd
Anchorage, AK 99518
(907) 561-8767
The search for reliable transmission service and auto repair in Anchorage, AK, begins and ends with Quality Transmission Service. A faulty transmission can leave you stranded or cause an accident, so it’s important to bring your veh...
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What You Need to Know About Your Vehicle's Transmission, Anchorage, Alaska
Maintaining your transmission ensures a smoother driving experience. Driving with a bad gearbox, on the other hand, is unsafe and could damage other parts of your vehicle. Here are more
What Is a Transfer Case & What Does It Do?, Anchorage, Alaska
If you have a four-wheel drive (4WD) or all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicle, it has a component called a transfer case. This part performs an important function and keeps you safe and more
A Guide to Automated Manual Transmissions, Anchorage, Alaska
If you’re looking for a new car, understanding what’s under the hood is essential. While many drivers have heard of automatic and manual transmissions, automated manual more
What You Should Know About Tiptronic Transmissions, Anchorage, Alaska
If you’re looking for a high-performance vehicle that won’t need car repairs often, you’ll likely come across cars with Tiptronic transmissions. These unique automobiles have a more
4 Ways to Improve Your Truck's Horsepower, Anchorage, Alaska
Increasing your truck’s horsepower helps more than your car’s performance. It also enhances your fuel economy by improving your vehicle’s efficiency. Here are a few simple more
Why Are Manual Transmissions Rarer These Days?, Anchorage, Alaska
Vehicles with manual transmissions are often touted by car enthusiasts for not needing car repairs often and their low cost, reliable design, energy-efficiency, and smoothness. So, more
What's the Difference Between CVT & Automatic Transmissions?, Anchorage, Alaska
For a while, vehicles only came in two types, manual or automatic transmission. However, technological advancements gave rise to another option—the continuously variable more
How to Take Care of Your Automatic Transmission, Anchorage, Alaska
While the stick shift may bring some drivers a satisfying sense of nostalgia, there’s no denying that the automatic transmission makes driving much easier. While this feature might more
A Guide to Manual Transmissions & Stalling, Anchorage, Alaska
Many modern drivers aren’t familiar with manual transmissions. Outside of certain high-performance vehicles, the majority of newer cars these days all use an automatic transmission, more
The Pros & Cons of CVT Transmissions, Anchorage, Alaska
CVT stands for continuously variable transmission and can be found in many makes and models of vehicles. Also known as a shiftless transmission due to its belt-driven, pulley system more
4 Driving Habits to Avoid With Automatic Transmissions, Anchorage, Alaska
In the United States, most modern vehicles have an automatic transmission. For many people, these are easier to drive compared to a manual, particularly if you live in an area with more
How to Keep Your Transmission From Overheating, Anchorage, Alaska
Several factors cause an overheating transmission, but most of them boil down to the fluid. The transmission fluid lubricates gears and absorbs the heat produced by more
When Do I Need to Replace My Car's Clutch?, Anchorage, Alaska
For manual transmissions, the clutch plays an important role when changing gears. Simply put, it disconnects the wheels from power during shifts and reconnects to the engine more
5 Tips for Maintaining Your Car's Transmission, Anchorage, Alaska
Your vehicle’s transmission is responsible for putting your engine into the proper gear so you can drive as efficiently as possible. Whether you have a manual or automatic more
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