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How to Take Care of Your Car After a Road Trip, Kannapolis, North Carolina
It’s widely known that you need to give your car some routine maintenance before making a big road trip to avoid any hiccups on your way. However, auto maintenance after taking a long trip is just as important for the more
4 Tips to Prepare Your Car for Winter, Kannapolis, North Carolina
Winter weather places unique demands on your car, as snow and ice can damage internal components and increase your risk of an accident. However, performing the proper auto maintenance tasks in the fall will ensure that more
Concord, NC Brake Service & Repair Businesses
Brothers Tire Sales, Brake Service & Repair, Tire Balancing, Tires, Kannapolis, North Carolina
1216 N Main St
Kannapolis, NC 28081
(704) 933-­2203
The quality of a vehicle’s tires can never be overlooked. Uneven or worn out tire treads can seriously compromise a person’s safety as well as increase gas consumption. When it comes to tires for various types of vehicles, Brothers ...
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A Guide to Sticking Brakes , Kannapolis, North Carolina
Sticking brakes are common complaints among vehicle owners. This issue means that even after removing their foot from the brake pedal, drivers can still feel or more
How Does Your Car's Steering Work?, Kannapolis, North Carolina
Many vehicle owners take their cars to the auto mechanic due to poor vehicle handling and trouble steering. Some drivers are unaware that the problem often lies in their more
A Brief Guide to Tire Traction, Kannapolis, North Carolina
Tires are vital for your vehicle’s handling and safety, and the traction determines how well they will perform in different weather and terrains. It can be overwhelming to more
3 Auto Maintenance Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make, Kannapolis, North Carolina
While there are many reasons why your car could breakdown on the road, most often, this problem stems from a lack of routine auto maintenance. Your vehicle requires more
4 Easy Ways to Make Your Tires Last Longer, Kannapolis, North Carolina
Your tires are crucial to the safe operation of your vehicle, and making them last as long as possible is not only beneficial for your wallet, but it’s also integral for your more
What Are Donut Tires?, Kannapolis, North Carolina
When you get a flat, you’ll be glad to have a donut tire somewhere in your vehicle to swap it out and get back on the road. Although this important safety component can get you more
4 Vehicle Fluids That Require Changing, Kannapolis, North Carolina
Part of keeping your car in functioning shape is maintaining proper fluid levels. The liquids play various roles to keep your car lubricated, protected, and running smoothly. Below, more
3 Bad Braking Habits to Avoid, Kannapolis, North Carolina
Mastering the brake is one of the most important aspects of being a safe driver. It is important to learn about the poor braking habits that some drivers have to ensure you are more
3 Signs Your Car's AC Needs Repairs, Kannapolis, North Carolina
It can be an extremely uncomfortable situation if your car’s AC breaks down when you need it most. For that reason, it's crucial to identify the need for repairs before the more
Why You Shouldn't Neglect Servicing Your Car's AC, Kannapolis, North Carolina
Keeping your car’s air conditioner in top condition is an essential part of auto maintenance. And with hot summer months just around the corner, you’ll want to make more
3 Signs You Need New Tires, Kannapolis, North Carolina
When you operate your vehicle on the road, you rely on your tires to get you where you need to go safely and efficiently. Unfortunately, like any other vehicle component, tires will more
4 FAQ About Vehicle Inspections in North Carolina, Kannapolis, North Carolina
The state of North Carolina requires every registered motor vehicle to pass an annual safety inspection. You cannot renew your registration until you have passed this test, so it’s more
3 Tips for Extending the Life of Your Brakes, Kannapolis, North Carolina
A healthy brake system is vital to your safety and the functionality of your vehicle. While the equipment isn't designed to last forever, you can practice proper care and more
4 Reasons to Schedule an Auto Tune-Up, Kannapolis, North Carolina
It takes a lot of moving parts to keep your vehicle going, and when one fails, your whole car can suffer. Regular tune-ups are an essential part of your vehicle’s health. By more
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