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4 FAQ About Vehicle Inspections in North Carolina, Kannapolis, North Carolina
The state of North Carolina requires every registered motor vehicle to pass an annual safety inspection. You cannot renew your registration until you have passed this test, so it’s important to know what this inspection includes& more
3 Tips for Extending the Life of Your Brakes, Kannapolis, North Carolina
A healthy brake system is vital to your safety and the functionality of your vehicle. While the equipment isn't designed to last forever, you can practice proper care and maintenance to extend its longevity. Follow these three more
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Brothers Tire Sales, Brake Service & Repair, Tire Balancing, Tires, Kannapolis, North Carolina
1216 N Main St
Kannapolis, NC 28081
(704) 933-­2203
The quality of a vehicle’s tires can never be overlooked. Uneven or worn out tire treads can seriously compromise a person’s safety as well as increase gas consumption. When it comes to tires for various types of vehicles, Brothers ...
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4 Reasons to Schedule an Auto Tune-Up, Kannapolis, North Carolina
It takes a lot of moving parts to keep your vehicle going, and when one fails, your whole car can suffer. Regular tune-ups are an essential part of your vehicle’s health. By more
5 Essential Auto Maintenance Tips for New Drivers, Kannapolis, North Carolina
New drivers have a lot to think about when it comes to practicing roadway safety. In addition to staying alert behind the wheel, they must also be mindful of their vehicle’s more
3 Most Overlooked Car Maintenance Services, Kannapolis, North Carolina
Cars need regular auto maintenance to work efficiently. But a lot of owners forget this until there’s a problem. Regular checks catch issues before they become more more
How Does the Way You Drive Affect Your Tires?, Kannapolis, North Carolina
If you use your vehicle often, it’s normal for your tires to lose air and experience tread wear over time. However, the way you drive often plays a role in how soon these issues more
How Often Should You Replace Your Tires?, Kannapolis, North Carolina
Your tires keep your car moving for tens of thousands of miles. Eventually, however, all the wear and tear that takes place on the road will take its toll. Knowing when to replace more
3 Tips to Prevent Spin-Outs on Icy Roads, Kannapolis, North Carolina
Driving on icy roadways is often the cause of weather-related accidents. Because air warms more quickly than pavement, ice doesn’t necessarily melt as soon as temperatures more
How Far Can You Drive With the Low Fuel Light On?, Kannapolis, North Carolina
Gasoline is likely one of the most expensive parts of your monthly budget. However, while it may be tempting to wait as long as possible between filling up, doing so can actually more
3 Facts All Drivers Should Know About Their Tires, Kannapolis, North Carolina
As a driver, it’s essential to make sure your tires are in driveable condition. This step can go a long way in improving your vehicle’s performance and preventing issues more
5 Common Suspension Issues, Kannapolis, North Carolina
Your car’s tires are critical for keeping it moving, but the suspension system is just as important. These components connect the tires to the vehicle, and they can experience more
5 Reasons Why Your Engine Light Is On, Kannapolis, North Carolina
Think of your car’s dashboard as a convenient warning system for your vehicle. When conditions are urgent enough for you to visit your local auto maintenance center, it will do its more
4 Do's And Don'ts for Purchasing New Tires , Kannapolis, North Carolina
Replacing your vehicle’s tires can be a daunting task if you don’t know what you're looking for. Whether your tread has worn out or your tires are simply past their more
3 Tire Care Tips for Winter , Kannapolis, North Carolina
Winter weather can take its toll on many of your vehicle’s components, and tires are no exception. To navigate winter weather safely, pay extra attention to these essential parts more
Why You Should Have Your Tires Rotated, Kannapolis, North Carolina
Tire rotation is one of the most common types of auto maintenance available. Like its name suggests, the service involves moving a vehicle’s tires to different positions. It’s more
Does Your Tire Have a Leak?, Kannapolis, North Carolina
It’s clear that your tire has an issue when it bursts, but tires can often develop slow leaks that are difficult to spot. You might be able to drive with a leak for miles, more
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