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How Tire Treads Keep You Safe, Livonia, New York
Tread is the rubber that runs along the outermost portion of wheels and tires. This is what provides friction on the road and grips its surface to prevent your vehicle from skidding as you drive. Like any other product, these will more
Top 5 Causes of Wheel & Tire Damage, Livonia, New York
A blowout can cause major damage to your vehicle's wheels and tires, including blowouts. If this happens as you drive, you can be endangering yourself and those around you. Understanding some of the common causes of damage can help you more
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Briggs Tire Service, Tires, Livonia, New York
21 Main Street
Livonia, NY 14487
No matter how well made and reliable a car is, it can still only go as far as its tires will take it. That's the kind of philosophy that the team at Briggs Tire Service has always stood behind. For almost 40 years, Briggs Tire Servi...
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Top 4 Tips to Help You Change a Tire, Livonia, New York
Knowing how to change a flat new or used tire can help you when you’re in a tight spot, letting you fix an issue that could otherwise require towing. If you’ve never more
4 Types of Tractor Tires & What They Do, Livonia, New York
Tractor tires are designed to do hard work, and they don’t come cheap. As such, you’ll want to avoid the costly mistake of picking the wrong ones for your tractor. Having tires that more
3 Tips for Storing Your Spare Tires, Livonia, New York
If you are one of the many drivers in the U.S. who have multiple sets of car or truck tires, it’s important to know how to store those that aren’t currently in use. Not putting more
Why Do My Tires Keep Losing Air?, Livonia, New York
A flat tire can happen to anyone. But if you find that your new or used tire is constantly losing air, this is a sign of a more serious problem. Driving with a flat can more
Snow Tires vs. All-Season Tires: What’s the Difference?, Livonia, New York
If you drive on snow- and ice-covered winter roads, you know the many dangers the weather brings. It’s important that your vehicle is properly prepared, which may involve switching more
Why It's So Important to Check Your Tire Pressure, Livonia, New York
As a driver, you know that your all-season tires need air when they’re looking flat. However, did you know that it’s not always obvious when the air pressure is more
3 Simple Ways to Determine if You Need New Tires, Livonia, New York
Under typical driving conditions, car tires last between 50,000 and 60,000 miles and should be replaced every four to five years. Worn treads or cracks in the sidewalls can make more
A Boat Owner's Guide to Trailer Tires, Livonia, New York
Boat trailer tires are different from the ones on cars, so it’s important that you know what to look for. Having the right tires will efficiently get you to and from the lake more
4 Essential Maintenance Checks for Tractor Tires, Livonia, New York
Your tractor tires work hard for you during warm weather months. Fortunately, you can start every growing period with a maintenance check and inspect the tires throughout the season more
5 Steps Involved in Retreading Used Tires, Livonia, New York
Your tire’s treads keep your car on the road, providing the traction necessary to make those sharp turns and quick stops. That’s why it’s important to never drive with balding more
3 Signs of Pothole Damage & How to Avoid Them, Livonia, New York
Regardless of how long you drive each day, you’re likely to encounter potholes. While you can’t control where road damage is located or how severe it is, you can control how hard more
FREE MONEY, Livonia, New York
May 1-31, 2018. Buy 4 Uniroyal tires and get a $40 Mastercard  reward card. Call or stop in for details. read more
Why Should I Purchase All-Terrain Tires?, Livonia, New York
Just as driving through harsh winters and blizzards calls for snow tires, driving over different types of terrain calls for all-terrain tires. Your ride will become more smooth and more
Summer vs. All-Season Tires — What’s the Difference?, Livonia, New York
With the end of winter, it’s time take the snow tires off your car. But which option should you use to replace them, summer or all-season tires? While these terms are sometimes more
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