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3 Engine Parts Every Driver Should Know, Covington, Kentucky
 While it can be tempting to think of your engine as a single part, this vital auto component is actually made up of several interconnecting parts. Engine maintenance keeps each area functioning properly so the whole engine more
What Is the Maintenance Schedule for Ride-Hailing Service Vehicles?, Covington, Kentucky
Every car owner should follow a regular maintenance schedule that includes oil changes, brake checks, and tire rotations. Uber® or Lyft® drivers may need to get their car serviced more often. A full-time ride-hail service driver more
Park Hills, KY Auto Body Repair & Painting Businesses
Fort Mitchell Garage, Auto Maintenance, Auto Body Repair & Painting, Auto Repair, Covington, Kentucky
1420 Dixie Highway
Covington, KY 41011
For over 100 years, Fort Mitchell Garage has provided affordable, fast and efficient auto body repair and maintenance services to Park Hills, KY. These highly skilled professionals are capable of working on any make or model from domesti...
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What Does the Check Engine Light Mean?, Covington, Kentucky
Your vehicle’s dashboard has several small indicator symbols that will light up to let you know when something is wrong with the car. Some are specific, like the light more
3 Tips to Improve Your Car's Fuel Economy, Covington, Kentucky
With the ever-increasing cost of gas, it can be frustrating to feel like you are always filling up your car. However, by making a few simple changes, you could save some money. Here more
A Quick Guide to Practicing Proper Auto Care, Covington, Kentucky
Some car care practices are based on myths, and following them can damage your vehicle. It’s a good idea to consult an auto repair professional before trying anything you’ve heard more
A Guide to Checking the Tire Pressure, Covington, Kentucky
Proper tire pressure distributes your vehicle’s weight evenly, so the tread will wear consistently, and your automobile will remain stable on the roads. It’s crucial that you check more
3 Ways to Tell if It’s Time for New Tires, Covington, Kentucky
Your tires are your only contact with the road, so you rely on them for both performance and safety. You must replace them as soon as they are worn or deteriorated, so you’ll have more
3 Ways to Tell Your Car Battery Is Going Bad, Covington, Kentucky
Your car relies on several parts to run efficiently and smoothly. However, none may be as important as the battery. Without a properly functioning one, you can’t leave your more
What Noises Indicate Car Problems?, Covington, Kentucky
As a car owner, you’re familiar with the sounds your vehicle typically makes. Pay attention to odd noises; they may mean you need engine maintenance or repairs. Here more
Why Regular Maintenance Should Be a Top Priority, Covington, Kentucky
A car is a major investment, one that is essential for getting to work, school, and other important parts of your daily routine. Because of this, getting regular maintenance at an more
4 Critical Car & Engine Maintenance Steps for Winter, Covington, Kentucky
Regular engine maintenance keeps your car running smoothly, catches problems early, and prevents small issues from snowballing into bigger ones. Part of routine maintenance is more
 What Do Car Radiators Do?, Covington, Kentucky
Car radiators are crucial to cooling an engine. During long drives, engines will overheat, which can lead to damage and poor performance. The radiator ensures it’s optimized and more
4 Reasons to Leave Your Oil Change to the Professionals, Covington, Kentucky
Keeping your vehicle in top condition ensures it will get you to work, school, and around town. One key maintenance service designed to help improve drive-ability is a regular more
How Long Can You Drive on a Spare Tire?, Covington, Kentucky
Getting a flat tire never happens at a convenient time; it makes you late for work or delays your errands. Once you attach the spare tire on the vehicle, you can go about your day; more
How Often Should You Align Your Tires?, Covington, Kentucky
One of the most common tasks in auto repair and maintenance is aligning your tires. Your wheels should point in the same direction, directly ahead of your car, but over time or when more
What Type of Oil Should You Get for Your Oil Change?, Covington, Kentucky
Few ongoing maintenance tasks are more important than oil changes. Following recommended guidelines for getting one ensures that your engine’s moving parts receive proper more
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