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How Often Do You Really Need an Oil Change?, Park Hills, Kentucky
Getting an oil change on a regular basis is an essential part of engine maintenance, yet far too many drivers delay this important service — or even forget it entirely. If you want your engine to last for hundreds of thousands of miles, more
3 Reasons Brake Calipers Stick, Park Hills, Kentucky
The brakes in your car consist of a few different parts that work together to stop the vehicle and keep you safe. One of these is the caliper, which pushes the pads against the rotor. If it starts to stick, your safety and that of your more
Westside Covington, KY Auto Body Repair & Painting Businesses
Fort Mitchell Garage, Auto Maintenance, Auto Body Repair & Painting, Auto Repair, Covington, Kentucky
1420 Dixie Highway
Covington, KY 41011
For over 100 years, Fort Mitchell Garage has provided affordable, fast and efficient auto body repair and maintenance services to Park Hills, KY. These highly skilled professionals are capable of working on any make or model from domesti...
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Our Auto Repair Team Explains How to Identify Brake Caliper Trouble, Park Hills, Kentucky
There are several different components that make up your car’s braking system, and each of these needs to be working properly to keep you safe on the road. Auto repair issues with more
The Top 5 Engine Maintenance Tips for Long Engine Life, Park Hills, Kentucky
You've invested a considerable amount of money in your car or truck, and it only makes good financial sense to do what it takes to keep it running as long as possible. To help you more
An Auto Repair Expert's Top 3 Secrets to Save Money on Gas, Park Hills, Kentucky
During the summertime, many people take long road trips or go on long drives on the weekend. While this is a fantastic way to enjoy the beautiful Kentucky weather, it also more
An Auto Repair Shop Shares 4 Ways to Improve Fuel Efficiency, Park Hills, Kentucky
With more road trips usually taken during summer, many vehicle owners are looking for ways to reduce their car’s gas consumption. Fuel-efficient driving will not only save you money more
5 Signs You Need Transmission Repairs, Park Hills, Kentucky
Without a transmission, your car wouldn’t be able to shift gears, and the engine would quickly overheat. With a series of gears that shifts either manually or automatically, more
How to Know When You Need a New Set of Tires, Park Hills, Kentucky
Having a good set of tires can make the difference in the overall condition and safety of your car. When tires wear down, they can become dangerous to drive on, leading to blowouts more
6 Roadside Kit Suggestions From Our Body Shop, Park Hills, Kentucky
It always helps to be prepared before you drive. Emergency roadside kits relieve stress and provide reassurance while you wait for a tow truck or another vehicle service. Create the more
Why Do You Need to Keep Up With Engine Maintenance During the Winter?, Park Hills, Kentucky
Though you may not drive as frequently during the winter, our team at Fort Mitchell Garage in Covington, KY, is quick to note that this isn’t a reason to slack off on much-needed more
Auto Repair Professionals Share 3 Tips to Prepare Cars for Winter Driving Demands, Park Hills, Kentucky
Kentucky roadways are slippery in winter, which means drivers have to take extra care to avoid collisions and additional accidents. Luckily, our auto repair specialists at Fort more
Auto Repair Shop’s Checklist to Ensure Your Vehicle Is Winter-Ready, Park Hills, Kentucky
Winter is perhaps the most dangerous time of year to drive your vehicle, especially if it hasn’t been receiving the necessary upkeep. In fact, at Fort Mitchell Garage in more
How an Auto Repair Shop Will Prepare Your Car for Cold Weather, Park Hills, Kentucky
It’s always important to take care of your car, but consistent maintenance is especially vital as the weather turns colder. Engines and parts are prone to more issues in chilly more
How to Stay Safe Through a Tire Blowout, Park Hills, Kentucky
Without properly functioning tires, your car can't get from point A to point B. But, when you get a tire blowout while you're driving, the situation can quickly become dangerous. more
3 Auto Repair Tips to Help Your Car Last Longer, Park Hills, Kentucky
Buying a car is an investment, which is why drivers will go to any length to ensure that their vehicle lasts as long as possible. There are a number of determining factors that more
Collision Repair Experts Give Tips on Driving Through Construction Zones, Park Hills, Kentucky
Some roads turn into a virtual war zone in summer because of all the construction work being done during this season to take advantage of the ideal weather conditions. According to more
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