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The Do's & Don'ts of Handling Hail Damage, La Crosse, Wisconsin
When a hail storm strikes, there isn’t always time to get your vehicle under cover. Thankfully, a reputable auto repair shop can eliminate any dents your car ends up sustaining. As long as you follow a few simple tips, restoring more
What Damages Stay Hidden After a Wreck?, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Whether you get into a minor fender bender or a major accident, you may not immediately notice damages to your vehicle. Problems beneath the surface often worsen over time, resulting in significant body or mechanical issues.& more
La Crosse, WI Auto Body Repair & Painting Businesses
Schaller Jacobson Collision and Automotive Repair, Auto Body Repair & Painting, Collision Shop, Auto Repair, La Crosse, Wisconsin
4115 Mormon Coulee Ct
La Crosse, WI 54601
Schaller Jacobson Collision and Automotive Repair is the premier full-service auto shop in La Crosse, WI. Specializing in comprehensive auto care, these certified technicians have the equipment and the experience to provide your vehicle ...
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What Car Owners Should Know About a Faulty Alignment, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Even when you’re in the driver’s seat, you won’t feel in control of the car when the auto alignment isn’t quite right. Hitting potholes and driving with worn shocks and struts more
What Happens If I Neglect an Oil Change?, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Most drivers know that they need to get regular oil changes to keep their engine running smoothly, but few understand exactly why this service is so important. This can cause some more
How to Avoid Deer Collisions, La Crosse, Wisconsin
The start of summer tends to have a high rate of car and deer collisions in Wisconsin. In June 2018 alone, the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) recorded 515 more
3 Reasons You Shouldn't Wait to Repair Windshield Cracks, La Crosse, Wisconsin
When driving, gravel and other road debris can become airborne and hit the windshield. Even if damage is minimal, a hairline crack or small chip can create plenty of problems down more
3 Reasons to Fix Car Dents Quickly, La Crosse, Wisconsin
It’s fairly common for drivers to notice dents on their vehicles. They might be from a fender bender or even a stray shopping cart in the grocery store parking lot. However, many more
The Basics of Windshield Maintenance, La Crosse, Wisconsin
The windshield protects you from the wind and any dirt or debris being kicked up by other cars as you drive. When it's cared for, it's a reliable, essential part of the car, but more
Should You Repair or Replace a Chipped Windshield?, La Crosse, Wisconsin
A ding or crack in your car’s windshield can impair your vision as you drive and even weaken the structure of your vehicle, which can lead to increased damage if you get into a more
Should You Repair or Replace a Cracked Windshield?, La Crosse, Wisconsin
There’s not much that’s as frustrating in the world of auto body collision repair than a cracked windshield. It’s unsightly, can be annoying depending on where it is, and has the more
4 Car Parts to Check After a Collision, La Crosse, Wisconsin
A severe collision is a harrowing experience for most drivers. Once the shock wears off, the next sensible thing to do is to bring your vehicle to a full-service auto shop. more
4 Symptoms of a Failing CV Axle, La Crosse, Wisconsin
As you grip the steering wheel to drive, turn, and go in reverse, it’s the constant-velocity (CV) axle that helps smooth out the motions. When these joints don’t provide power from more
4 Signs Your Transmission System Is Going Out, La Crosse, Wisconsin
The transmission is responsible for controlling the power that moves from the engine to the wheels. When something is wrong with it, your vehicle can become unsafe to drive or break more
4 Steps for Handling Brake Failure, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Brake failure is a terrifying experience for any driver. When it happens, you may potentially collide with another vehicle or swerve off the road, resulting in auto damage and more
How to Stay Safe on the Road This Summer, La Crosse, Wisconsin
The roads get crowded during the summer, with families taking vacations and teenagers out of school. All of the extra traffic, combined with major summer downpours, makes this the more
3 Tips for Minimizing Driving Anxiety After an Accident, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Being in an auto accident of any size is often emotionally distressing. It doesn’t matter what’s on a report or insurance claim; even if auto body collision repairs weren’t more
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